Come Out & Play!

November 19th - 22nd, 2015
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About the Chicago Toy & Game Group, Inc.

The Chicago Toy & Game group is a family of industry initiatives designed to encourage and promote the power and joy of invention in social, educational, and professional environments. The Chicago Toy & Game Group consists of:

  • Chicago Toy & Game (ChiTAG) Fair: founded in 2003 – the largest toy and game fair in the U.S. open to public. ChiTAG brings together consumers, families, inventors, manufacturers, retailers, educators, hobbyists, and the media, at the start of the holiday season, to play, celebrate, discover, support, and promote the creation of toys and games.
  • The International Toy & Game Inventor and Industry Conference (T&GCon): founded in 2008 – the industry’s original, preeminent, most comprehensive conference available to toy and game inventors and seasoned industry professionals from around the world.
  • Toy and Game Inventor of the Year (TAGIE) Awards: founded in 2008 – an elegant and playful evening that honors and celebrates the history of and the people behind the playthings.
  • playChic brings play and brands to the people in a fresh and relevant way -  on the runway! playChic is an opportunity for brands to strike a pose, dominate the runway, and take the media by storm – just in time for the holidays,
  • The International Summit for Professional Inventors (I-SPI): founded in 2011 – an exclusive, invitation only conference for Professional Inventors.
  • Young Inventor Challenge: founded in 2007 – open to kids ages 6 – 18, participants create their own toy or game inventions to be judged by popular vote by The ChiTAG Fair attendees.
  • Games for Educators Website and Newsletter: founded in 2005 – resource developed in partnership with Live Oaks Games provides educators, librarians and parents with the tools and trends to bring games into the classroom and homeschool curriculum.
  • founded in 1998 – the world’s largest co-op of board game inventors.
  • Chicago Toy and Game Foundation: founded in 2011 – philanthropic foundation supporting various children’s organizations.

Contact Information
phone: (847) 677-8277