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ASTRA Local YIC Headquarters

Leverage promotional opportunities of the YIC, increase your store traffic and mentor the next generation of toy people! We invite ASTRA retail members to become “Local Headquarters" for young inventors! (beta test fall 2022 for 2023 full rollout)

For ASTRA members who choose to participate as YIC-HQ’s:

Fall 2022

  • POP media announcements will include participating ASTRA stores as the local HQ for YIC

  • POP will supply participating stores with window and in store signage to announce YIC

  • POP will supply participating stores with suggestions on how to handle YIC store events

  • YIC registrants will be directed towards a “tool box” of inventor stimuli, available online

  • YIC registrants that enter through ASTRA members will have entrance fees waived

  • ASTRA stores will agree to support YIC registrants by serving to critique, guide and mentor the registrants

  • ASTRA stores will be asked to promote themselves as YIC HQ’s through their local media and local schools, social media and on-line announcements, will agree to support and mentor applicants

  • ASTRA members who have winners will be recognized in announcements as 2022 awards are distributed and invited to join the media opportunies

  • ASTRA stores that participate will automatically be enrolled in trial subscription of the People of Play network at no cost

For 2023:

  • ASTRA stores will be recognized in the POP web site and YIC “store locator” online

  • YIC registrants will be directed towards a “tool box” of inventor stimuli, available at most ASTRA stores

Simple to Get Involved! 

Tell Mary Couzin you want to be a Young Inventor Challenge HQ! She will onboard you and be your point of contact along with Jaz Darden, YIC Director. 

Announce and Invite people in your social networks, area schools and your newsletter readers that you are a Young Inventor Challenge HQ and invite kids to your store to find out more and get ideas. Link your post to   When 'your' kids enter, they can use code ASTRA to comp their entry. 

Have fun! Host in-store workshops using the materials we provide for you (see tabs on right, below if on mobile) and below. Let your local media know you are hosting the workshops and encourage them to attend - the photos will be amazing! 

If you are interested in being one of our judges at the competition, just let Alicia Alexander know. 

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