Chicago is known as the toy and game inventing capital of the world, with many of our favorite childhood toys having been (and continue to be) invented, created or discovered here in our City.

For the past decade, toy and game inventors have flocked to our City to the annual Chicago Toy & Game Week in November, which is already a magical time before the holidays, with lights and festivities to encourage kids, friends and families to come out and play.


Adding to the ChiTAG events, Chicago itself is the play destination for both North Americans and international visitors alike putting on a glamorous and exciting week of fun. Be part of the playful atmosphere as the entire City comes alive with play – with a spectacular Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, the Mickey and Minnie Parade, playful culinary delights, amazing shopping, and all the magic and glamour this City offers.

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City Partners

ChiTAG Week is proud to partner with some of the city's most playful promoters:


ChiTAG Week attracts people of all ages and demographics, who would you like to connect with? 

a weekend of fun

"the Fair"

Fair demographics:

  • Toy & Game manufacturers

  • Children ages 0-18 years

  • Adults 18-100years

  • Grandparents 

  • Blogger & Media

  • Star Wars enthusiasts


Download the Fair Sponsorship deck (PDF)

the fashion show "PlayCHIC"

PlayCHIC demographics:

  • Fashion Bloggers

  • Fashion Media

  • Toy & Game Bloggers

  • Toy & Game Media

  • Fashionistas

  • Toy & Game Innovators, Inventors and Designers

Download the PlayCHIC Sponsorship deck (PDF)

dinner & awards

"the TAGIEs"

dinner & awards

"the TAGIEs"

Awards demographics:

  • Toy & Game manufacturers

  • Toy & Game innovators, inventors and designers


Download the TAGIEs Sponsorship deck (PDF)


inventors & industry conferences

Conference demographics:

  • Toy & Game manufacturers

  • Professional Inventors

  • New Inventors


Download the Conference Sponsorship deck (PDF)