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Inventors, Innovators, Product Acquisition Execs, Student Designers and Educators

Conference Tracks Tailored to Your Needs

Largest toy and game inventor conference in the world. Our 14th year, bringing together toy and game inventors with unrivaled opportunities to pitch your ideas and network. Learn about licensing, how to pitch, self publish, int'l markets, distribute, find reps, pr, marketing, and more straight from the pros! Includes tickets to exclusive Inventor Night and Toy & Game Innovation Awards (TAGIEs).

Nov. 21-22, 2019

This track of the Innovation Conferences is an exclusive, invitation only track for professional inventors looking to meet with product acquisition executives one-on-one, share industry and inventor community topics as well as choose from multiple tracks to attend. Also includes keynotes, roundtable discussions on hot topics and more!

Nov. 21-24, 2019

Expand your product acquisition and inventor relations initiatives and bring innovation to your organization. Meet with hundreds of inventors, professional and new, for a chance to license the next hit toy or game. Network with other inventor relations execs from around the world to refine your process and expand your reach. Includes Inventor Night at D4 Irish Pub, TAGIEs and PlayCHIC! Includes a private meeting space for 4 days, Thursday - Sunday, to meet with professional and new inventors as well as industry colleagues! Office space is limited, apply or register soon!

Nov. 21-24, 2019

This is your opportunity to show your portfolio, get internships, pitch ideas directly to manufacturers, investors, retailers, and product acquisition execs.

Nov. 21-22, 2019

Play in Education Track - 11th Year!

Research done in recent years has shown that play has much more to do with cognitive growth than previously thought. This conference will help educators understand and utilize the amazing benefit play gives students across the world. If you want to better utilize play in your students' learning experience, this conference is for you!

Nov. 23, 2019

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“We are not mere creators of trinkets and insignificant baubles and playthings.

We are the toymakers, the shamans, the wizards, the blacksmiths, the court jesters and sometimes even the town fool, and what we do –

the toys that we create, contribute to the ever-evolving ever-advancing forward motion of the civilized world.” –Bruce Lund

“This event makes me fall in love with the Toy & Game Industry each year!” - Megan Hinterman Kanous, Publisher Services, Inc.

"The Innovation Conferences are a must for anyone - inventors or company people - in the toy and game industry.  The information you'll learn, the pitching and the networking is incredible. Mary and her team are to be congratulated; there is nothing else like it in the world!" - Tanya Thompson, Hasbro   

"I don't think I have learned more about the Toy Biz since?... ever. I didn't want it to end." - Carle Wunderlich, Best of Best Toys, Inc. 

"Mary, you and your team throw one heck of an innovation conference!  It was a fantastic experience with a great group of people in the inventor community worldwide who are so clearly passionate about what they do and collaborative in spirit. Great keynotes/speakers, too!"  -Patty Sullivan, Highlights

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