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We have an enormous reach in person, through social media and directly in our newsletters - over 325,000 (detail at end of page). Every person we reach is one more person that could be your next customer! Our overall medial reach through our social media and pr teams was over 1,300,000,000 in 2016 - we work hard for you! 


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Chicago Toy & Game Week Event Program

Our Chicago Toy & Game Week Program will have three sections as follows (combining for 2017 to celebrate

our 15th Chicago Toy & Game Fair and our 10th Toy & Game Innovation Awards

Conference Program - $1000/page
This program is distributed to inventors, innovators, product acquisition executives from around world the gather for conference. Approximately 200-250 highly targeted community.

High quality print pdf file, 300 dpi or greater and CMYK , Bleeds: 0.25” on all sides, 1 Full Page: 5.5” wide x 8.5” high

Toy & Game Innovation Awards Program - $1000/page
Reach approximately 400 highly targeted attendees from the inventor and innovation community. 

High quality print pdf file, 300 dpi or greater and CMYK , Bleeds: 0.25” on all sides, Full Page: 5.5” wide x 8.5” high

Fair Program

Buy an ad in the Fair program, distributed to all fair attendees, media and bloggers. 

Full page $1000, Half page $500, Quarter page $250


Banner at Fair

Purchase a banner to hang off railings, stairwells and/or balconies for only $350! 


9.188" wide x 11.125" tall - $1000


11.125" tall x 4.5" wide - $500
5.5" tall x 9.188" wide - $500


5.5" tall x 4.5" wide - $250

Newsletter Ads

Our newsletters reach targeted groups:

All Play Industry almost 40,000 monthly

Educator 135,0000+ monthly

Inventor Community 13,500+ quarterly

Consumer 15,000+ quarterly, then monthly in fourth quarter 

Blogger, Social Media Influencer 5,500+ email; 6,400+ handles - monthly in fourth quarter

Scouts (Boy & Girl) 2,100+ monthly fourth quarter

ChiTAG by the Numbers

Overall Media Impressions 2016: 1.3 Billion +

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​​ChiTAG Group Media Reach:

​Newsletters Email Subscribers

All Industry almost 40,000

Educator 135,0000+

Inventor 15,000+

Consumer 15,000+

Blogger, Social Media Influencer 5,500+ email; 6,500+ handles

Scouts (Boy & Girl) 2,100+

Media List 6,700+

Combined Direct Newsletter Reach 217,000

Newsletter, In-Person and Social Media Reach

Newsletters 217,000

Postal Mail Addresses All Industry 33,000+

Twitter ChiTAGWeek 15,000+

Facebook ChiTAGWeek 5,600+

Facebook Mary Couzin 1,700+

Instagram ChiTAGWeek 1,600+

Pinterest ChiTAGWeek 370+

Pinterest Mary Couzin/Chicago Toy & Game Fair 1,900+

LinkedIn Toy, Game, Play Innovators Group 2 ,800+

LinkedIn Mary Couzin 13,100+

Event Attendance 35,000+

ChiTAG Group Reach 325,000+

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