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Media Contacts: Scott Goldberg First-Annual Tech Invention Contest Presented by Spin Master Crowns Winners at Chicago Toy & Game Fair CHICAGO (December 15, 2016) ― The winners of the first-annual Young Tech Challenge have been announced! Chicago Toy & Game Fair’s inaugural Tech Challenge, presented by Spin Master, invited inventors from the ages of 8 to 22 years to bring together imagination, play and tech to create a playful tech product. Winners were selected in 3 age categories: Junior (8-13 year old), Middle (14-18 year old), and Senior (19-22 year old). 1st Place Junior: Jeffrey Huang—WiCar Runner Up Junior: Kaitlyn Monzon—Sushi Cats 2 1st Place Middle: Ishan Pate


Media Contacts: Scott Goldberg CHICAGO, Ill. (December 21, 2016) – The Chicago Toy & Game Group hosted the 14th Annual Chicago International Toy & Game Fair the weekend before Thanksgiving at Chicago’s Navy Pier. The ChiTAG Fair is the largest toy and game fair in North America open to the public. With its largest crowd ever of more than 33,000 consumers, social influencers, media and trade, the Fair is recognized as the premier destination for hands-on experience of the hottest toys and games for each holiday season. This year, over 160 companies showcased thousands of toys and games at the Fair. In addition to the Fair, Chicago Toy & Game Week hosts synergistic even


Media Contacts: Scott Goldberg Annual Contest Presented by Pressman Toy and Target Enjoys Its Biggest Turnout Ever CHICAGO, Ill. (November 2016) – The winners of the tenth annual Young Inventor Challenge have been announced! Chicago Toy & Game Fair’s popular youth invention contest showcased a total of 115 original toy and game entries created by nearly 200 children on November 19th at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Entrants came from across North America to participate in this year’s competition. Young Inventor Challenge entries were evaluated based on innovation, presentation and creativity by play industry experts during the ChiTAG fair. Fantastic prize packages were made avai

An Exclusive Interview with the Ishkabibbles

Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? Well we’re not exactly…but we wanna be. Know of any good toy companies that would kaput us up? Before you say “Yes”…there are a lot of us. Yeah. Hundreds. We just kaported into the area and we’re all lookin’ for a place to stay. What is it about toys or games that excite or worry you? Playing, playing, and more ishy kaplaying gets us excited. We love kaplaying! We’ve also noticed a lot of toys come apart. So we do it on purpose. We build and build and build and then,…well,…we have a lot of ‘sploding to do. What was your favorite toy or game as a child? Wow, good question. There are so many. We pretty much love anything where we can use

Another Exclusive Interview with the Ishkabibbles

The other group of Ishkabibbles weren’t kidding. There really are a lot of you. Do you have different tribes? Heck yeah. Sure, some of us like to dance until we fall to kapieces. Others enjoy cookin’ slimy stuff from under the stoop. Oh,…and the crowd-surfing tribe enjoys lathering up in expired cottage cheese and hot sauce. The Ishkartists staple insects to canvases and wrap gifts with tape worms. Hey,…we’re all lookin’ for a place to land. When was the last time you laughed out loud? What caused it? When the first wave of Kabibbles told us you wanted an interview. We said “whaaaaat?” Turdwinkle was beside himself. Snailin’ Trail has kinda a nervous laugh. Does that count? It was pretty lou

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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