Vanessa Van Petten on The Future of Play

As toy and game inventors, we spend our days brainstorming ways to create the next big thing in the toy biz ... or at least one that’ll make a ripple. Enter the digital playspace and the kids who play in it – The Future of Play. A real game changer for toy and game inventors, it’s a space that demands our attention, technologically savvy creativity, and the know-how to develop innovative and interactive toys, games and brands that will translate into awesome fun. We need to create to integrate.

Vanessa Van Petten is a “Youthologist” who provides the perfect prescription for the Future of Play. She started her award-winning website, at age 16 as a way to give parenting advice from a kid’s perspective. Today at age 25, Vanessa and over 150 teen contributors help thousands of parents build and maintain healthy relationships with their kids. A regular CNN columnist, and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, MSN Money and many others, Vanessa has been featured on The Dr. Drew Show, CBS News, Fox News, The Doctors, The Real Housewives of Orange County and more for her unique, qualified insights on today’s youth.

Here’s what Vanessa has to say about The Future of Play:

Doesn’t it seem that as kids get older, play seems to become less important? As grades become more important, standardized tests become more abundant and college admissions get more competitive, playing seems to fall by the wayside. Kids as young as six and seven now come home to hours of homework, bed time, recitals and tutors so they no longer have time to play. As I prepared for my presentation at the Sandbox Summit at MIT in late April on how play has changed, I was able to speak to many parents and kids about play in their own home. See the video of my presentation here: