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Wiggity Bang consistently delivers random humor

When it comes to talking, playing, laughing and having fun, the founders of Wiggity Bang Games LLC, are on a mission. They’ve made it their business to bring people together the good old-fashioned way — face-to-face.

The company was launched by Robb Earnest, Jeremy Fifer and Matthew Rivaldi in 2004. They debuted their first game, “Quelf,” in 2005 and began selling it directly to independent retailers. “Quelf was originally a game that we subtitled, 'an unpredictable party game that gives random a new name,” says Matthew.

By 2008, they had sold just over 50,000 units. In early 2012, after a few years of licensing the rights to another company, Quelf was purchased outright by Spinmaster LTD.

Matthew's wife, Jean, joined the team along the way and helped design follow up games that include "Flapdoodle" (also acquired by Spinmaster and now known as "Quelf Jr.") and their latest creation, “Magic Feather.” Wiggity Bang has introduced several other games since their start including “FURT,” “Quao” (pronounced “cow”), and “Whizizzle” Phonics.

When it comes to new products, they’ve worked hard to stay true to their original brand by maintaining the totally random, completely off-the-wall, brand of humor that made Quelf popular.

That common element of random humor is important, he explains. It allows the company to deliver to the public something that their competitors can’t duplicate. “They obviously can't get inside of our minds,” he says.

Wiggity Bang’s newest games, FURT (ages 13+) and Magic Feather (ages 7+), share the theme of totally random, fun, inventive content. “That's what makes them different every time you play,” says Rivaldi.

FURT is available now and Magic Feather will be available in July exclusively through independent retailers in 2012.

In an age where digital tools dominate so many of our human interactions, the Rivaldi’s have established themselves as a go-to source for family games that make people snort with laughter – in person.


Michelle Spelman is Editor and Inventor Relations Liaison for Chicago Toy & Game Group. She is a game inventor, and co-founder of Flying Pig Games LLC, creators of award-winning Jukem Football card game. She is also founder of Cincinnati Game & Toy Industry Professionals group, and is the Cincinnati Children’s Toy Examiner. An independent marketing consultant providing contract services, executive coaching and strategic direction, she’s in her sweet spot when she is working with companies focused on women and family-oriented products and services.

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