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Troy Fisher & Hasbro Yokai Watch Team

"Troy is a 20+ year industry veteran with hundreds of products under his belt while working with Toy Biz, and Marvel Entertainment. In 2007, he established Fishco Innovation, which has turned out mechanical and optical innovations in toy design for Hasbro, Fisher-Price, Spin Master, and Jakks Pacific to name a few. Recently based in New York’s Catskill mountains, his surroundings provide inspiration and fresh outlook that is far removed from anything routine. In 2009, Fishco’s patented Impulse Projection technology was introduced in the action figure toy line for Disney’s Tron Legacy, and in 2011’s Real Lightning McQueen RC car, both by Spin Master.”

The Yo-Motion Yokai watch was developed with Rich Mazel of Hasbro’s Global Acquisitions team, and Gary Aigner, who heads up the Yokai Watch product development team. This item uses our Impulse Projection tech. This is a patented optical technology that produces projected animated images into a compact display. A simple design relies on lighting individual LED’s that project frames of animation from a slide transparency. The result is a display of looped animated motion graphics, and can also simulate talking characters by projecting facial expressions synched with the actor’s voices.

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