Preparing your Talking Points for Media

Lucky Penny Shop is a YouTube toy & game product reviewer with over 1,841,183 subscribers and 1,091,465,336 views. We asked them for their thoughts on what media, bloggers and product reviewers want to know when they visit your booth at the fair.

As we get ready for another great year at ChiTAG, we like to review our notes and literature gathered at last year's fair. Our goal is to collect the best product information to share with our viewers, that may be seeing these toys for the first time! To accomplish this, we have come up with a simple list of talking points that vendors can use as a guide when discussing the key features of their toy products.

  • What is the target age group for the toy or game?

  • What is the set up time before a child can start playing?

  • Is it easy enough for a child to understand on their own, or do they need a parent's help?