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Interview with Reyne Rice, a Toy Industry Trend Expert/Analyst, Consultant, and Media Spokesperson

Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? As the industry has evolved, so have I. Over my 30-year history in the toy industry, I have followed a variety of paths, and have always stayed within the industry, just in different capacities. Always sleuthing for the latest trends, I am a sponge for learning from our industry’s creators and innovators.

I love my current role as Trend Hunter the best. It takes me around the world, attending over 24 trade shows and conferences each year, always learning from the innovators in our constantly changing world of what we define as toys, games and kids’ technology, all a part of the bigger world of PLAY, and EDUCATION, that unites and engages us.

I speak at 20 different international and domestic conferences each year, and tap into my backgrounds from my degree in International Business (earned at California State University of Northridge and the University of Copenhagen). I have worked with Ogilvy and Mather Advertising (USA and Denmark), Mattel (in Licensing/ Entertainment, domestic marketing, international marketing, OEM/ Hong Kong development), NPD Research (domestic and international and as industry expert), the Toy Industry Association (as their lead Trend Hunter and Industry Analyst for 8 years) and with the Spielwarenmesse and International Trend Committee teams, (for the past 10 years). As a journalist and Co-President of ITMA (International Toy Trade Magazine Association), I get to share the news with readers around the world, in over 60 countries currently. As a consultant, I hand-select a few companies each year to guide through the process of moving their brands into international markets, and expanding their breadth and awareness to more global markets.

And as a Media Spokesperson and Media Influencer, I get to share the news about our ever-evolving and exciting industry with media outlets, and consumers around the globe. A fabulous role, and I love it. I am grateful to my many partners and colleagues across the globe, who make this career possible.

What do you love and what do you love to do? I love fire, whether it is fireworks, sunsets, sunrises, candles or bonfire picnics, or the fire behind a new idea or the spark of laughter.

My best times are spent with friends, family and colleagues, sharing experiences and time together doing the simple things, like cooking together, playing games, walks and hiking and long walks on the beach, or sharing hobbies, either indoors or outdoors. I am a mixed media artist, and love to write and talk into the wee hours of the night. My favorite colors are turquoise blue and royal purple.

As a kid, I loved to perform in drama and children's theater, and today, I am at ease on a stage or in front of a camera, because of those early experiences. If I can share someone's new idea, toy, game or creation with the world, I have done my job of taking those new ideas to the next level of awareness. Keeping the fun in life, is a part of what makes the world go round.

How can you be reached and what are your next events? I can be reached at My first quarter conferences and trade shows include CES 2017 and Kids at Play Conference (Las Vegas, USA), Spielwarenmesse (Nuremberg, Germany), The American International ToyFair (New York, USA ) and Digital Kids Conference (New York, New York), Kids Time Fair (Kielce, Poland) and Bologna Licensing Fair/ Book Fair (Bologna, Italy). Can’t wait to meet my toy industry colleagues and the industry’s innovators at these events.

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