Don Ullman and Steve Calhoun

September 25, 2017
















Don Ullman has been inventing toys and games for over 20 years. He lives with his incredibly supportive wife Anne, of 29 years, (voiceover talent) in Fairfield, CT. They have two kind and musically talented sons, Alexander and Jack, (game tester heroes) of whom they are very proud. Inspired by them, Don is learning to play the piano. Some of Don’s other products include: Crazy Claw, Loaded Lemons, Go Bleep Yourself, Talking Crap, Sleepy Time Baby, Pluck a Feather and Memory Palace. He is a big believer in collaboration and would like to thank his inventing partners for all their hard work!



John Adams Leisure Ltd. - Simon Pilkington, Nigel Dye, Bruno Gallone

Spin Master - Anton Rabie, Ben Rathbone, Ben Varadi, Ben Dermer


Products from the last year:

Crazy Claw (Co-Invented with Carmine Capone), Loaded Lemons (Co-Invented with Bob Driscoll), Pollo Loco (Co-Invented with Ross Magers), Go Bleep Yourself (Co-Invented by Bob Driscoll and Rob Daviau), Talking Crap (Co-Invented with David Fox), Bumpi (Co-Invented with Brad Ross), Memo-Palace