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Jim McCafferty and JMP Creative team

Nominated for Catch the Fox


Jim McCafferty leads JMP Creative, an award-winning invention and design team. JMP concepts have resulted in more than a billion units of product to reach the marketplace, and its inventions have achieved ‘Toy of the Year’ status in multiple countries. A master in exploring the unexpected and extraordinary, Jim’s success is shaped by his experience as a world-class illusionist and prolific brainstorming talent. He believes the team’s invention and design process is bolstered by the chemistry shared with licensors. For example, JMP collaborated extensively with the Goliath team in developing and designing the successful Catch the Fox and Shark Bite games.


Adi Golad, Jochanan Golad and the Goliath team

Products from the last year:

Catch the Fox, Shark Bite, Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station, Orbeez Magic Chef Set, Zorbeez Creature Chumper, Zorbeez Monster Oozers, Oonies, Robo Alive Lurking Lizard

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