Ruth Green-Synowic

September 25, 2017

Nominated for Paint-Sation



















Ruth is no stranger to the challenge of introducing innovation to global brands. After 25+ years of designing and developing products, she has successfully worked with dozens of licenses, companies, and clients - ranging from children’s toys, to educational products, to apparel, medical devices and geriatric therapy aids. Her playful contributions can be seen in more than 1,500 toys and products worldwide. Ruth was nominated for the Women in Toys Designer/Inventor of the Year award in 2008, and was awarded for Creative Excellence by her peers in 2009 and 2011. This summer, her arts & crafts line, Paint-Sation by Irwin Toy, won Toy of the Year in France, in the Arts & Crafts category.



Irwin Toy - Brenda Elliott and George Irwin


Products from the last year:

Irwin Toy:

Paint-Sation 5-Pack Paint Pods

Paint-Sation Single Paint Pod

Paint-Sation 2-in-1 Paint Pod

Paint-Sation Wearable Paint Pod

Paint-Sation Table Top Easel

Paint-Sation On-The-Go

Paint-Sation Mini Roller

Paint-Sation Finger Nibs

Paint-Sation Sample Mini Pod



ConductDough Lights