Thijmen de Schipper

September 26, 2017

Nominated for Spy Code Break Free


















Born in a small village in the Netherlands, Thijmen de Schipper, with partner JochemVan Rijn, started Yulu Toys in 2015 when he was only 27. Today, the duo has brought 12 games to the marketplace, including YuluToys’ three Spy Code games - Break Free, Operation: Escape and Safe Breaker which launched exclusively at Target this year, along with Egged On (distributed by Hasbro) and Helix (distributed by Zing). Thijmen & Jochem started by inventing together by launching an app for the rules of all Games & Sports. And in 2014 after one year of development it was sold to the Dutch government.



Jochem Van Rijn, co-president, YULU Toys


Products from the past year:

Break Free, Operation: Escape, Safe Breaker, Egged On, Fire Quest games







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