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Shoot the Moon

Nominated for BB8


David Small and Paul Rago have played in the toy business for quite some time. They’ve founded toy companies, managed toy companies and now own an inventing company. During this time, they have developed a variety of toys that have been marketed by their companies or licensed out. David and Paul have worked with numerous toy companies in the business and have experienced a bunch of excellent toys, including some grand slam hits. Their innovative creativity has most recently resulted in Spin Master’s BB-8.

Products from the past year:

Shoot the Moon Product list:

New for Fall 2016

Barbie Dance and Fun Horse (Mattel)

My Mini Mixie Q’s (Mattel)

Hatchimals (Spin)

New LLP Mice Extensions Mommy and Babies (Moose)

New LLP Turtle w Babies (Moose)

Magic Flying Carpet Shimmer n Shine (FP)

Baby Nigh Nigh (SCS)

Baby What’s Zat (SCS)

Bug Podz /Bug Podz Metropolis (Alex)

New for 2017:

BB8 (SpinMaster)

BB9e (Spin Master)

Barbie Dream Horse (Mattel)

Barbie Club Chelsea (Mattel)

Barbie Campfire (Mattel)

Hatchimals Twins (Spin)

Hatchimals mini collectables (Spin)

Little Live Busy Bubs (Moose)

LLP Forrest Friends (Moose)

LLP Mice new assortment (Moose)

LLP Turtle new assortment with accessories (Moose)

Dabitz (Fibre Craft)

Slurpee Maker (Spin)

Velcro Blocks (Velcro)

Tooth Fairy (Hooray)

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