Illustrator: Sabrina Miramon Collaborators: Chris D’Angelo, Greg Stata, Kelly Miele (Graphic/Packaging Design) Kathy Beyerle (Product Design)

September 19, 2018

Nominated for Shadows in the Forest



Illustrator Bio:

Sabrina Miramon is a French artist and self-taught illustrator currently living in the UK. Since 2006 she has worked in several major game & animation studios, but in 2015 she took the leap into freelance illustration. She has since worked on many international projects illustrating board games, books, backgrounds and video games. Her clients have included: Ankama, Nickelodeon, Lego, Virgin, Asmodee, Days of Wonder, Blue Orange games, Thinkfun, Capstone... When she's not working, she can be found looking at pictures of fluffy dogs on the internet, reading and playing video games