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Josh Malone - Inventors and 2020 Election

You are probably aware of how the patent system is rigged against inventors. It was a miracle that I was able to beat Telebrands and the PTAB. It breaks my heart to see so many other inventors get robbed and cheated. So I have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours volunteering to fix it. I moved my whole family to DC last summer. We are mobilizing inventors and supporters from all 50 states to pass legislation to repair this patent system. Unfortunately, patents have become political. It shouldn't be, but it is. If we want to get our patent system back, then we have to elect legislators that support the cause. This is one way that you can really make a difference. 435 Representatives and 33 Senators will be elected in 2020. We are going to support the ones that will work to protect the rights of inventors. We have formed the Inventor Rights PAC for this purpose. The PAC will donate to candidates from both parties who can be relied on to support legislation for "securing to inventors the exclusive rights to their discoveries" as required by the Constitution. These donations will reinforce the importance of the issue and provide us with many opportunities to present our very compelling case to them. Only individuals that are US Citizens can contribute to a PAC. The maximum individual annual contribution is $5,000, but any amount will help. Will you contribute? Email or call me 972-689-8124 with any questions.

Donate online at: Donate by check to: Inventor Rights PAC 2350 Kerner Boulevard, Suite 250 San Rafael, California 94901

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