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tBR Company of the Week: The Creative Fold

With contractor and freelancer employment on the rise, the 2020 workforce continues to evolve toward a more dominant gig economy. The Creative Fold, launched in 2018 by a group of seasoned toy industry professionals including Jodi Meusel and Katie LaSeur, started at just the right time.

With their efficient gig-style service offering, this team of experts specializing in graphic design, product development, industrial design, and manufacturing are creative problem solvers at their core. Their remote team scattered across the U.S. takes on both short-term and long-term projects and seamlessly integrates with their partners to maximize creative capacity and increase output.

While reflecting on that experience, they decided to start a women-owned business to bring creative problem solving to the market. Not only will their team provide strategic direction, but they’ll execute and deliver. They love getting things done and meeting deadlines. They turn ideas into tangible action items.

With projects ranging in scope from branding to web design, production to game testing, copywriting to packaging design, The Creative Fold brings a diverse offering to an evolving business climate.

“We work with great people! Our clients are game inventors, retailers, toy industry leaders, international organizations, marketing agencies, artisans, and more,” says Katie.

When COVID-19 hit, the team transitioned their service offering to accommodate the needs of the market. They saw more opportunity for website related work—many companies needed to transition their sales channels online and either had a dysfunctional website or no website at all.

OTRIO: Inventor’s Edition for Brady Peterson

The Creative Fold designed a sleek and minimalistic website to perfectly highlight Otrio: Inventor's Edition, amplified by original photography. The client was not only impressed by the new website, but proud of it!

The Dairy Delite

The Creative Fold built an original website from scratch, getting inventive with designs to uniquely represent a decades-old family ice cream store. Using bold patterns and vivid colors, they evoked the whimsical nature of the company, using photos to showcase its story and community. After 20 years without an official home page, the client finally has a website they love!

In addition to web design, The Creative Fold works with clients like ThinkFun on product development projects. They’ve helped Mastermind Toys with package design. Tinkering Labs and Gray Matters Games are some of their production and manufacturing support clients. From early ideation to placing that game on the shelf, The Creative Fold helps clients finish projects and create successful products.

With a remote team scattered across the country, The Creative Fold is uniquely situated for this current climate.

Katie says, “The biggest benefit of a remote team is access to a broader workforce and different people. I live in a small town in Virginia, but I can hire people living in Illinois, Colorado, California, New York, wherever because we don’t have borders. That allows us to have really talented people with especially niche experience that would be difficult to find in any one particular place.”

If you’d like to learn more about how The Creative Fold could help your company design, develop, manufacture, or grow, reach out here!

Visit The Creative Fold’s website:

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