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PIATNIK - Making good games since 1824. tBR Company of the Week

“Family business in 5th generation of its existence”

Piatnik is both a game publisher as well as a manufacturer of board games, playing cards and jigsaw puzzles. Founded in 1824, we have been playing for a while, always together and always with passion. That is the strength that has enabled us to make a name for ourselves as a purveyor of award-winning party games with global appeal.

Today, Piatnik is an international group of companies exporting goods to over 70 countries. With our headquarter and factory located in Vienna (Austria) and our own distribution companies in Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic, central Europe is effectively our domestic market. We produce our playing cards and board games in Vienna right in the heart of Europe and source most of our high-grade raw materials from local suppliers. At Piatnik we place a deep emphasis on sustainability in production, an environmentally sound raw materials supply chain and a high value on employee welfare. We are an FSC – certified, ECOvadis audited and ICTI socially compliant manufacturer.

Our best known product-families are ACTIVITY & TICK.. TACK.. BUMM! (Pass the Bomb!) with altogether 20 million games sold in over 20 countries worldwide. This global success comes on the back of numerous national and international awards.

Piatnik confidently continues on its path to further success releasing approximately 200 new products every year. 2020 was a particularly remarkable year where many recent releases became critical successes enhancing Piatnik´s reputation as a serious publisher and a force to be reckoned with in the world of board games. The most notable success was the children’s game SPEEDY ROLL, winner of the important German *Kinderspiel des Jahres 2020* Award.

Despite the recent turmoil caused by the ongoing global pandemic we look towards the future confidently as more and more people discover or rekindle their love of board games. Games in particular have provided a rare opportunity to communicate and connect on a human level amidst the lockdowns afflicting virtually every country on the planet. They have been and continue to be a welcome and fun distraction during these challenging times. We at Piatnik look forward to more play, new products and will never give up on our mission which is to make - simply good games!


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