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TAGIEs - Celebrating the Makers of Play!

2012 Toy & Game Innovation Awards

The TAGIEs are an elegant and playful evening gala that brings together industry leaders from inventors to manufacturers to retailers as well as the public for a celebratory evening of innovators and inventors from around the world.

The Toy & Game Innovation Awards are voted on by industry experts, retailers and consumers to recognize recipients for excellence in various categories. The TAGIEs also recognize the teams the inventors worked with at the companies that brought their ideas to life. This collaboration and inventiveness has resulted in the most fun and entertaining play products on the market today. We also honor to those inventor greats who stand out in the toy industry for their exceptionally innovative spirit of fun, philanthropy, and humanitarianism.

2012 TAGIEs

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Kevin Harrington Speaking at the 2012 TAGIEs

2012 Highlights!

Bruce Lund - 2012 TAGIE Awards Keynote

2012 TAGIEs Winners

Tony Morley

Red Racer Studio

Toy Design 2012

Mattel Apptivity Design Team

Electronic Adaptation 2012

Leslie Scott

Oxford Games 

Game Design 2012

Invented Exploding Kittens

Invented Malia’s Beach House

Invented the Millenium Falcon

Seth and Alexia Kempe


Young Inventor 2012

2012 Keynote and TAGIEs Honorees

Bruce Lund

Lund & Co.


Theo and Ora Coster Family

Lifetime Acheivement Award

Peter and Andrew Brown

Hassenfeld Family Humanitarian Award

Stan Clutton

in Memoriam

Dan and his partners have created products such as Bop It, HyperGames, PC Playsets, Perplexus and so much more! 

Music provided by Skip Towne and the Grehounds, Chicago's #1 Blues Band! The band's music is hard-driving, heartfelt, classic blues, jazz, swing, ballads, and downright good time Rockin’ Blues.


Dora the Explorer

Character Creation 2012

Mel Taft

Inventor Advocacy

5th Annual TAGIE Awards (2012)



Tim Walsh

Introduction to Keynote:

Phil Sage, Hasbro


Bruce Lund, Lund & Co.

2012 Recipient for Excellence in Toy Design

Winner: Tony Morley, Red Racer Studio

Presenter: Andrew Tychsen, Cepia LLC

Finalist: Dave Yearick

Finalist: Lonnie Johnson

Finalist: Michael McGinnis

Finalist: Nancy Zwiers


2012 Recipient for Excellence in Game Design

Winner: Leslie Scott, Oxford Games

Presenter: Richard Gill, NH Contract Management

Finalist: Klaus Teuber, Catahn Junior and Rivals for Catan

Finalist: David L. Hoyt, Word Winder

Finalist: Maureen Hiron

Finalist: Ken Johnson


2012 Recipient for Rising Star Inventor

Winner: Martin Nedergaard Andersen, Camp Games

Presenter: Richard Gottlieb, Global Toy Experts

Finalists Nicholas Cravotta & Rebecca Bleau, Blue Matter Games

Finalist: Gina Manola, Calico

Finalist: Rosie Robertson

Finalist: Patrick Matthews, Live Oak Games


2012 Recipient for Electronic Adaptation

Winner: Apptivity by Mattel, Accepted by Paul King, Design Director

Presenter: Brian Torney, Otherdoor Entertainment

Finalist: Skylanders, Activision

Finalist: Lazer Tag, Hasbro

Finalist: LeapPad 2, Leapfrog

Finalist: Furby, Hasbro


2012 Recipient for Young Inventor

Winner: Seth and Alexia Kempe, HoodiePets

Presenter: Kevin Harrington, As Seen on TV Inc

Finalist: Miranda Evarts, Sleeping Queens

Finalist: Lexi Glenn, Pumpanator

2012 Honoree for Character Creation

Winner: Nickelodeon, Dora the Explorer

Created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes, and Eric Weiner

Accepted by Diana Longoria, VP of Business and Legal Affairs, Nickelodeon

2012 Honoree for In Memoriam  

Stan Clutton, Inventor and Company Relations

Presenter: Steven Toth, Fisher-Price

Accepted by Dottie Clutton

2012 Honorees for Inventor Advocacy

Mel Taft, Hasbro

Accepted by Reyn Guyer, Reyn Guyer Creative

2012 Honoree for Hassenfeld Humanitarian Award

Peter and Andrew Brown

Presenter: Ellie Hassenfeld Block

2012 Honoree for Lifetime Achievement

Theo and Ora Coster Family

Presenter: Mike Gray, Hasbro

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