Young Inventor Challenge Past Winners

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Chicken Poo Bingo.jpg

Inventor: Cooper Dean

Goo on my Shoe.jpeg

Inventor: Edie P.

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Drawn into Crime.jpg

Inventor: Tiggy S.

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Inventor: Nick Metzler

List of All Winners!

2021 Challenge

All winners received a toy and game package worth $250

Most Marketable Sponsored by Goliath

  • Junior Winner: Get in my Belly by Betty Bredemus

  • Senior Winner: SMASH by Vaylana and Donald Lemon

Best Game by Mattel

  • Junior Winner: Chicken Dinner by Aria McGruder

  • Senior Winner: FItness BINGO by Olivia Cairl

Most Innovative Pet Toy Sponsored by New Key Pet LLC

  • Junior Winner: Puppy Pinata by Lucy Pater and Kaylie Smit

  • Senior Winner: Ping Paw Pounce by Solomon Potsander

Most Creative Sponsored by Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld

  • Junior Winner: Kawaii Corners by Juliana Zagata

  • Senior Winner: Sate-Light by Aden and Anika Nunes

 Most Innovative Toy or Game by Spin Master

  • Junior Winner: Musical Squares by Katie Howlett

  • Senior Winner: Lotus League by Ellie Lawrence

Most Sustainable Toy or Game sponsored by HABA

  • Junior Winner: Bathroom Buddies by Jacob and Isaac Freeman

  • Senior Winner: Operation Pollination by Analise Potsander

  • Senior Winner: Fishing for Trash by Selah Potsander


2020 Fall Challenge

All winners received a toy and game package worth $250

Best Playful Learning Concept

  • King of the Board by Antonio Banuelas of Frisco, TX, Senior Winner

  • Protect the Garden by Jacob Freeman of Jenkintown, PA, Junior Winner 

Best Game Concept – Sponsored by Goliath

  • Diamond Heist by Anna Cuesta of Rolling Hill Estates, CA & Luna Delgado of Torrance, CA, Senior Winner

  • Chicken Poo Bingo by Cooper Dean of Valrico, FL, Junior Winner

Best Outdoor and Active Play Concept – Sponsored by Hasbro

  • Magic Gem Race by Noah Berg of Glencoe, IL & Calder Kite of Sherman Oaks, CA, Senior Winner

  • P.E. Catastrophe by Victoria Skwarek of Palos Park, IL, Junior Winner

Most Marketable Concept – Sponsored by Magformers

  • Bead It Best by Ellie Lawrence of Denver, CO, Senior Winner

  • Forest Face Off by Vivienne Gallovitch of Palos Park, IL, Junior Winner

Most Creative Game Concept – Sponsored by Mattel

  • Ninja Penguins by Katherine T. of Joliet, IL, Senior Winner

  • Sasquatch Stomp by Joey Kostelnik & Dominick Rhodes, both of Palos Heights, IL, Junior Winner


2020 Spring Challenge

Sponsored by Mattel and Magformers

Senior Winners:

  • Weston Aram, 7th grade, from LaGrange, Illinois for PuzzleBots 

  • Andrew Hebdon, 5th Grade, from Forest Virginia for ​Color Code

Junior Winners:

  • Emery Alderson, 3rd Grade, from Horsham, Pennsylvania for Slap Happy

  • Analise Potsander, 3rd Grade, from Goshen, Indiana for Cooking Collision


Pictures can be found HERE!

Best Game

Sponsored by Spin Master

$250 Scholarship Money, Tower of Games (provided by our sponsors), 3D Printed Action Figure


Quinn Curran, 4th Grade, from Palos Heights, Illinois for Blindfolded Builder


Diego Humberto Martínez and Dario Yañez, 9th Grade, from Monterrey, Mexico for Tic Tac Cubed

Best Playful Learning Concept

Sponsored by the Chicago Toy and Game Foundation

$250 Scholarship Money, Tower of Games (provided by our sponsors), 3D Printed Action Figure


Mason Marable, 4th Grade, from Palos Park, Illinois and Cash Phillips, 4th Grade from Orland Park Illinois for NFL Battles


Aashi Sinha, 8th grade, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Rescue Buddies

Most Creative Concept:

Sponsored by PlayMonster

$500 Scholarship Money, Tower of Games (provided by our sponsors), 3D Printed Action Figure


Violet Kooyenga and Piper Sterling, 4th grade from Palos Park, Illinois for Beat the Bullies

Most Marketable Concept:

Sponsored by Pressman/Goliath

$250 Scholarship Money, Tower of Games (provided by our sponsors), 3D Printed Action Figure

Addison Wiersma, 4th grade from Palos Heights, Illinois for Totally Chick


Zoe Bain and Isabella Murch, 6th grade, from Fishers, Indian for House of Cards

Best Presentation:

Sponsored by Yulu and the Toy Association

2 night stay in NY, Presenter at the TOTY Awards and a tour of Toy Fair, $250 spending money and 3D Printed Action Figure


Iliyan Shariff, 4th grade, from Chicago, Illinois for Cube World, the Board Game


Eliana Lawrence, 9th grade, from Denver, Colorado for Firehawk

Kyle Levy and Robert Becker from Glencoe, Illinois for Barrier Battles



Most Marketable Concept

(Sponsored by Target and Pressman Toys)
Cain Guerra, 4th grade, from Palos Park, Illinois for "Soup It"

​Lily Brown from Alpine, Utah and Tait Hansen, 6th grade, from Evanston, Illinois for "Bet You Can’t"  

 Lyra Acosta, 5th grade, from Palos Hills, Illinois for "Hypnodizzy"

Most Outstanding Presentation

(Sponsored by The Genius of Play™, an initiative by The Toy Association)

​Prince Nallamothula, 3rd grade, from Frisco, Texas for "The Happy Family Game" (Jr)

 Riley Pritzlaff, 9th grade,  from Cedar Park, TX for "Market on the Move" (Sr)

Best Playful Learning Concept

(Sponsored by LEGO Systems)

​Noah Berg, 5th grade, from Chicago, Illinois for  "GGEO"  (Jr)

​Sahaj Kasturi, 7th grade, from Reston, Virginia for "Battle of Four Armies"  (Sr)

Best Ride-On or Wheeled Concept

(Sponsored by Razor USA)

​Julia Moffett, 4th grade, from Palos Heights, Illinois for "Ski Shoes"  (Jr)

Caleb, 10th grade, and Keegan, 9th grade, Southard from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for "Street Ray" (Sr)

Most Creative Concept 

(Sponsored by PlayMonster Toys)

​Analise Potsander, 2nd grade, from Goshen, Indiana for "Room Builder" (Jr)

​Violet Peters, 6th grade, from South Yarmoth, Massachusetts for "Book It"  (Sr) 

Best Game Concept

(Sponsored by SpinMaster Toys)

​Lucy Alford and Sarah Zaibak, 5th grade, from Palos Park, Illinois for "Fear the Frosting "  (Jr)

​Dabney, 9th grade, and William, 7th grade, Peters from South Yarmoth, Massachusetts for "Heroes of the Fray"  (Sr)


Most Outstanding Presentation (Mattel):

Tanush Doshi - Chase the Loot! (Chicago, IL)  JR
Charlotte Jiru - Alicia Boop Insta-Boutique (Whittier, CA) SR

Best Pitch Video/Commercial (Spin Master):
Charlie Rosynek and Broderick Rosello - Balance Boat (Palos Heights, IL) JR

Liam Kivirist - Virtual Reality Colossal Chess (Browntown, WI) SR
Best Outdoor / Active Play Concept (Hasbro):

Noah Berg - RUINOWAZLIB (Chicago, IL) JR
Sampson Neyman - Exercise Challenge (Chicago, IL) JR

Best Educational Concept (LEGO):
Abhi Majumdar - Magnetic Marchers (Chicago, IL) JR
Dana Dimitriu - Puzzleletters (San Antonio, TX) SR

Most Creative Concept (PlayMonster):
Edie Piacenza - There’s a Poo on My Shoe! (Elmhurst, IL) JR

Tiggy Sliwinski - Draw-n to Crime (Palos Hills, IL) SR

Most Marketable Concept (Pressman/Target):
Patrick Ready - Dino Can You Dig It? (Palos Heights, IL) JR

​Ellie Skalla - Galactiquest (Oak Park, IL)  SR


Target and Pressman Grand Prize Winners:

Olivia Wasilewski and Brynna Siewers for Ship of Treasures

Junior Winner:

Tanush Doshi for Get Wow'd By Wild Kratts

Senior Winner:

Julia Herod and Jasmine Erikson for Feel to Find

Junior Runner Up:

Bella Narciso and John Pempek for Seastack

Senior Runner Up:

Kaori Ochoa Aoki for Just Word It

People's Choice: 

Evelyn Dalton and Madeline Niemiec for Creativity Glue


Senior Category Winner
Steven Huetteman

Junior Category Winner
Kedar Narayann


Senior Category Winner
Julia Shoppach and Cara Wendt

Junior Category Winner
Kate Forden and Mikayla Hartunian


Senior Category Winner
Nathan Sun

Junior Category Winner
Dora Ivkovich


Senior Category Winners
Charlie Davis and Ethan Hawker

Junior Category Winners
Bryce Wiersmaand Walker Ahluwalia


Senior Category Winner
Nick Metzler

Junior Category Winner
Isabella Miller and Simon Shifrin


Senior Category Winner
Nick Metzler

Junior Category Winner
Adrik Herbert


Isabella Miller and Madison Yang


Senior Category Winner
Joe Basile

Junior Category Winner
Hannah Allen and Ella Lambert



Lenny Brahin