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Your Pitch Perfect Guide

Video: Basics of the Industry - Who, What, Where, Terms, Acronyms and More, Dougal Grimes (Spin Master) moderates with panelists Azhelle Wade (Toy Coach), Greg Benassar (Asmodee), Elizabeth Moody (7 Towns), Dan Rowan (UltraPro)

Video: Pitch like a Pro to Manufacturers and Retailers, Moderator: Tim Walsh (Co-Founder, Roo Games; Founder, The Playmakers) with panelists: Tanya Thompson (Director Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations for Gaming, Hasbro), Adam Hockerman (Vice President of New Business, PlayMonster),  Leila Nosrati (Principal, Master Toy Advisors), David Winter (Head of New Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations, Jazwares), 

Gillian Ruan (Enterprise Innovation and Inventor Relations Manager, Mattel)

Articles with Advice from Experts - Some You Will Pitch ! 

Leila Nosrati: Pitching & the Pandemic:

Think Like a Buyer, Pitch Like a Pro - COVID-19 Edition 

by Leila Nosrati, President, Master Toy Advisors | Product Innovation Partners

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2019 Conference Mike Hirtle speaking to
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Documenting your Concepts 

by ​Ken Gruhl, Professional Inventor

Do’s and Don’ts for New Inventors 

by Lisa Wuennemann, Director of Marketing, PlayMonster

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2019 Conference Mike Hirtle speaking to

Top 6 Tips for Inventors on Presenting a Toy or Game 

 by Mike Hirtle, President of Paladin

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Pitch Tip: Perfect your elevator pitch

Mattel's Christopher Keenan on how to keep buyers engaged throughout the process, and why brevity is key.

Video Killed the Sell Sheet Star: 7 Ways to Make a Better Invention Pitch Video

by Matt Nuccio,  President at Design Edge Inc. Designer - Inventor - Manufacture Agent- Lecturer - Consultant

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Last, but not least! Why Does It Take So Long?


For those of you unfamiliar with the many challenges toy inventors face in getting their ideas seen, considered, and eventually sometimes even purchased by a toy company, this is a very fair question.  The process is long, multi-stepped, and certainly for anyone on the outside waiting for some kind of smoke signal, frankly torturous.


Here, then, are 5 reasons why it does indeed take so long. Read More....

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