Your Pitch Perfect Guide

Video: Basics of the Industry - Who, What, Where, Terms, Acronyms and More, Dougal Grimes (Spin Master) moderates with panelists Azhelle Wade (Toy Coach), Greg Benassar (Asmodee), Elizabeth Moody (7 Towns), Dan Rowan (UltraPro)

Video: Pitch like a Pro to Manufacturers and Retailers, Moderator: Tim Walsh (Co-Founder, Roo Games; Founder, The Playmakers) with panelists: Tanya Thompson (Director Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations for Gaming, Hasbro), Adam Hockerman (Vice President of New Business, PlayMonster),  Leila Nosrati (Principal, Master Toy Advisors), David Winter (Head of New Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations, Jazwares), 

Gillian Ruan (Enterprise Innovation and Inventor Relations Manager, Mattel)

Articles with Advice from Experts - Some You Will Pitch ! 

Leila Nosrati: Pitching & the Pandemic:

Think Like a Buyer, Pitch Like a Pro - COVID-19 Edition 

by Leila Nosrati, President, Master Toy Advisors | Product Innovation Partners

Documenting your Concepts 

by ​Ken Gruhl, Professional Inventor

Do’s and Don’ts for New Inventors 

by Lisa Wuennemann, Director of Marketing, PlayMonster

Top 6 Tips for Inventors on Presenting a Toy or Game 

 by Mike Hirtle, President of Paladin

Pitch Tip: Perfect your elevator pitch

Mattel's Christopher Keenan on how to keep buyers engaged throughout the process, and why brevity is key.

Video Killed the Sell Sheet Star: 7 Ways to Make a Better Invention Pitch Video

by Matt Nuccio,  President at Design Edge Inc. Designer - Inventor - Manufacture Agent- Lecturer - Consultant

Last, but not least! 

Persuading With A Powerful Pitch Video 

by Harry van Sambeek, CoFounder of ThenQ