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We have an expansive reach via face-to-face, social media and email - over 350,000 (detail at end of page).

Every person we reach is one more person that could be your next customer!

Industry, Consumer, Play-in-Education Newsletter Ads

Our newsletters reach targeted groups:

Industry almost 40,000 monthly

Play in Education 100,0000+ monthly

Inventor Community 15,000+ quarterly

Consumer 15,000+ quarterly, then monthly in fourth quarter 

Social Media Influencer 5,500+ monthly in fourth quarter

Scouts (Boy & Girl) 2,100+ monthly fourth quarter


Size of Ad: 540 Wide by 250 Height in PNG or JPG

the Bloom Report - Toy Industry's #1 News Summary Each Week

Size of Ad: 540 Wide by 250 Height in PNG or JPG

POP - People of Play PlayBase Website

Size of Ad:

Top Header Ad Banner - Width from 1160px to 1500px (Range) & Height from 190px to 1000px (Range)
Side Bar Ad 1 - Width 340px & Height 190px to 1000px (Range)
Side Bar Ad 2 -  Width 340px & Height 190px to 1000px (Range)

Chicago Toy & Game Week Event Program

Our Chicago Toy & Game Week program celebrates all events over 4 days, each with its own section:

Inventor and Innovation Conference 
 200-250 inventors, innovators, product acquisition executives from around world. 

Toy & Game Innovation Awards (TAGIEs)
Over 400 innovators in the toy and game community. 

Chicago Toy & Game Fair 

Distributed to all fair attendees: consumers, traditional and social media influencers and trade.

Young Inventor Challenge

Over 200 young inventors under the age of 18

Specs: High quality print PDF file, 300 dpi or greater and CMYK, Bleeds: 0.25” on all sides

Full page, 5.5" wide x 8.5" tall

(includes 0.25" bleeds)


Half Page, 5.5" wide x 4" tall

(includes 0.25" bleeds)


Banner at Fair

Purchase a banner to hang off railings, stairwells and/or balconies for only $350! Only $250 if you bring your own. 

(Show decorator will print your banner for $100, contact Tom Larney

CHITAG by the Numbers

Overall Media Impressions 2018: 2 Billion+



CHITAG Newsletter, In-Person, Social Media Reach:

Newsletters Email Subscribers

All Industry 39,000+

Educator 130,0000+

Inventor 18,000+

Consumer 20,000+

Blogger, Social Media Influencer 5,500+ email; 6,500+ handles

Scouts (Boy & Girl) 2,100+

Media List 7,500+

Combined Direct Newsletter Reach 225,000+

Newsletter, In-Person and Social Media Reach

Newsletters 225,000+

Postal Mail Addresses All Industry 33,000+

Twitter ChiTAGWeek 15,300+

Twitter Games4Educators 1,600+

Facebook ChiTAGWeek 7,900+

Facebook Mary Couzin 2,200+

Facebook PlayinEducation 800+

Instagram ChiTAGWeek 4,200+

Pinterest ChiTAGWeek 370+

Pinterest Mary Couzin/Chicago Toy & Game Fair 2,000+

LinkedIn Toy, Game, Play Innovators Group 4,500+

LinkedIn Mary Couzin 30,000

Events Attendance 30,000+

CHITAG Group Reach 350,000+

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