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We have an expansive reach via face-to-face, social media and email - over 350,000 (detail at end of page).

Every person we reach is one more person that could be your next customer!

Our website and newsletters reach 165 countries. 

Industry, Consumer, Play-in-Education Newsletter Ads

Our newsletters reach targeted groups:

Toy & Game Industry 35,000 weekly

Play in Education 100,0000+ monthly

Inventor Community 15,000+ quarterly

Consumer 15,000+ quarterly, then monthly in fourth quarter 

Social Media Influencer 5,500+ monthly in fourth quarter

Scouts (Boy & Girl) 2,100+ monthly fourth quarter


Size of Ad: 540 Wide by 250 Height in PNG or JPG

the Bloom Report

Worldwide Toy Industry's #1 News Summary Every Friday

Size of Ad: 540 Wide by 250 Height in PNG or JPG

POP - People of Play PlayBase Website

Size of Ad:

Top Header Ad Banner - Width from 1160px to 1500px (Range) & Height from 190px to 1000px (Range)
Side Bar Ad 1 - Width 340px & Height 190px to 1000px (Range)
Side Bar Ad 2 -  Width 340px & Height 190px to 1000px (Range)


Chicago Toy & Game Week Event Program

Our Chicago Toy & Game Week program celebrates all events over 4 days, each with its own section:

Inventor and Innovation Conference 
 200-250 inventors, innovators, product acquisition executives from around world. 

Toy & Game Innovation Awards (TAGIEs)
Over 400 innovators in the toy and game community. 

Chicago Toy & Game Fair 

Distributed to all fair attendees: consumers, traditional and social media influencers and trade.

Young Inventor Challenge

Over 200 young inventors under the age of 18

Specs: High quality print PDF file, 300 dpi or greater and CMYK, Bleeds: 0.25” on all sides

Full page, 5.5" wide x 8.5" tall

(includes 0.25" bleeds)


Half Page, 5.5" wide x 4" tall

(includes 0.25" bleeds)


Banner at Fair

On HOLD UNTIL WE ARE IN PERSON - Purchase a banner to hang off railings, stairwells and/or balconies for only $350! Only $250 if you bring your own. (Show decorator will print your banner for $100, contact Tom Larney

CHITAG/POP Week by the Numbers

Typically 2 Billion+ annually combining the below with the work of our pr agency. 



CHITAG Newsletter, In-Person, Social Media Reach:

Newsletters Email Subscribers

All Industry via the Bloom Report 35,000+

Educator 100,0000+

Inventor 18,000+

Consumer 20,000+

Blogger, Social Media Influencer 5,500+ email; 6,500+ handles

Scouts (Boy & Girl) 2,100+

Media List 7,500+

POP News 2,000+

Combined Direct Newsletter Reach 200,000

Newsletter, In-Person and Social Media Reach

Newsletters 200,000

Postal Mail Addresses All Industry 33,000+

Twitter PeopleofPlay 15,000+

Twitter Games4Educators 1,600+

Facebook ChicagoToyAndGameWeek 8,000+

Facebook Mary Couzin 2,500+

Facebook PlayinEducation 800+

Instagram CHITAGWeek 4,000+

Eventbrite 2,300+

YouTube 18,200 view in 2021

Pinterest CHITAGWeek 400+

Pinterest Mary Couzin/Chicago Toy & Game Fair 2,100+

LinkedIn Toy, Game, Play Innovators Group 5,500+

LinkedIn Mary Couzin 30,100+

Events Attendance 30,000+

POP/CHITAG Group Reach 330,000+ and worked weekly/monthly

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