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Over 900 Interviews, Articles, White Papers, Videos and Stories! Over 750 authors

Sharing Stories, Preserving History and Celebrating Play & Innovation. 


Our newsletters for industry, consumers, media, influencers and educators reach over 225,000. 

Millions of Website Visits by People from over 150 Countries. 

Read about toy industry families in our All in the Family Series with aNbMedia.

Our newest acquisition! the Bloom Report: Toy Industry's #1 News Summary Worldwide

CHITAG Group Media Reach:

Newsletters Email Subscribers

All Industry via the Bloom Report 35,000+

Educator 100,0000+

Inventor 18,000+

Consumer 20,000+

Blogger, Social Media Influencer 5,500+ email; 6,500+ handles

Scouts (Boy & Girl) 2,100+

Media List 7,500+

POP News 2,000+

Combined Direct Newsletter Reach 200,000

Newsletter, In-Person and Social Media Reach

Newsletters 200,000

Postal Mail Addresses All Industry 33,000+

Twitter PeopleofPlay 15,000+

Twitter Games4Educators 1,600+

Facebook ChicagoToyAndGameWeek 8,000+

Facebook Mary Couzin 2,500+

Facebook PlayinEducation 800+

Instagram CHITAGWeek 4,000+

Eventbrite 2,300+

YouTube 18,200 view in 2021

Pinterest CHITAGWeek 400+

Pinterest Mary Couzin/Chicago Toy & Game Fair 2,100+

LinkedIn Toy, Game, Play Innovators Group 5,500+

LinkedIn Mary Couzin 30,100+

Events Attendance 30,000+

POP/CHITAG Group Reach 330,000+ and worked weekly/monthly

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