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Lynn Potyen: Get Dized - tBR Person of the Week

My name is Lynn Potyen and I am an active member of the tabletop retail community. I have owned my retail location for over 14 years, held a seat on the GAMA Retail Board for 6, been celebrated as Retailer of the Year in Sheboygan Wisconsin and Nominated alongside 5 amazing large corporations for Resilient Business of the Year in 2020.

In 2016 I had the pleasure at GAMA of running into 2 energized young men from Finland as they pitched their concept over and over at booths. The idea? An interactive tutorial that will teach you to play a game, while you are playing. So simple, clean, easy. I believed in them.

I was so excited about what I heard that week, that I have been working behind the scenes as a consultant with Dized, since then. I wholeheartedly believe in this product. So much so that I personally invested in this company. As a retailer I can see so much potential for growing our Industry if we can only agree on a platform that stops being a gatekeeper to play. I believe Dized has made that tool.

All along our goal has been to get a working system that engages players. Encourages playing games, all games even ones that are unapproachable and leaves no one out. I wanted to see a system so easy that a mom, with kids after work still wants to sit down and play. I know we have found that balance.

I hope you will watch the attached videos. Share them with your friends in the Industry and drop them an email. I know together we can grow the Industry. Currently with the state of our world, being locked up, we want to encourage everyone to can get on Dized and learn to play more games.


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