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Sahad Rivera Sonda: On Design, Journeys, and Alligators – tBR Person of the Week

Think about when you are happiest or when you feel your “youest” you. What are you doing? For me, creating things with my hands, designing, measuring, and building, is where I’ve always felt at home, full of joy and the magic of possibilities. I can still remember being four years old and constructing cardboard mansions for my Barbies (complete with specially designed props and furniture that I sculpted out of clay). The ability to create absolutely anything that I could imagine felt like a superpower. Like many defining moments, I didn’t realize that through this simple play, I was already taking what would be the first steps in my journey toward becoming a toy designer. Twenty years later,


Press Contact: Emily Blosser | | 404.434.2103 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PEOPLE OF PLAY ANNOUNCES ECLECTIC ENTERTAINMENT LINE-UP FOR THE FIRST-EVER “POP’S GOT TALENT” Toy and game industry professionals from around the world will perform in a virtual talent show premiering Friday, November 20th CHICAGO, IL (October 21, 2020) -- People of Play, formerly known as the Chicago Toy & Game Group, is once again shining the spotlight on the creativity of inventors with the premiere of POP’s Got Talent, a virtual show that will air immediately following the Toy & Game International Excellence Awards (TAGIEs) on Friday, November 20th. The TAGIEs and POP’s Got Talent are sponsored by

Janine Halloran: Humans are biologically wired to play. tBR Person of the Week

As a child and adolescent therapist, I get to play for a living. I love it when I meet new clients, and I get to hear what kind of things they enjoy, what games they like, how they spend their free time - in other words, how they play. And even though it may seem a little strange, I talk a lot about play with my teen clients too. I love getting to know their play styles because I know how essential it is throughout the lifespan and how beneficial it is for everyone, including adolescents. Between schoolwork, college admissions pressure, worrying about what's going on social media, and conflicts with family or friends, it's no wonder teens overall are more stressed out and anxious these days.

JoAnn McLaughlin: Do your Homework; Know the Competition

What exactly do you do in the industry? I am the SVP of Product Development at Disney working on all brands from a hard lines standpoint as well as soft lines on the Marvel and Lucas brands. My teams work on both licensed and owned & operated product development for our Disney Parks, Disney Stores and Shop Disney destinations. What is your claim to fame in the industry? I have been with Marvel for the past 28 years so many of the relationships I have built and products that were invented came from my team and continue to be strong at retail; some being the Spider-Man silly string Web Shooter, Hulk Hands, Marvel Legends which all now reside with Hasbro, our master toy partner and are still th

Kathy Ceceri: How Great STEAM Kits Inspire Invention

I’ve taught Maker-style enrichment programs for kids for over a decade, and I’ve written about teaching kids STEAM concepts at home for even longer. My books show readers how to make light-up paper designs and develop their own video games. And my workshops (like my upcoming Build BOTS! online workshop for Maker Camp) let kids design and build working projects, using just a few basic electronics and everyday stuff. During the pandemic, I’ve heard from parents and teachers who are eager to find resources that can get children excited about science, technology, engineering, art, and math – and make it fun! That’s why I’m always on the lookout for ways to encourage kids to think up their own in

Scott Landsbaum: The Toy Lawyer?! What’s the Toy Lawyer?? tBR Person of the Week

Well, it’s either that inflatable lawyer you bop to get out your frustrations, or it’s me, Scott Landsbaum. I’ve worked in the toy industry for over 20 years helping toy and premium companies, inventors, agents and consultants. People often ask me what’s the most cost-effective way of working with a lawyer. If you’re not accustomed to working with attorneys, hourly billing can be off-putting and concerning. Here’s my advice for getting the most from your lawyer: First, hire a lawyer who knows your industry (a big theme here!). You don’t want to spend a lot of your lawyers’ time and your money educating them about how your business works. In addition, that learning curve means your lawyer isn

Nagendra Raina - Problem-Solving the Future, One Piece at a Time

How did you come to a career in toys? Frankly, it was unplanned. I interned at Fisher-Price and instantly became captivated by the industry. What’s not to love? As a business that demands newness every single year, it keeps you on your toes. There’s no room for complacency in the toy industry and that aspect of always being challenged remains very appealing to me. Where did you grow up and what was your favorite thing to play with as a child? My childhood was largely in New Delhi, India. I loved the original View Master with all the reels. It transported me to a different world … dinosaurs, the depths of the ocean, even the planets! You are a father of young children. Being in the play/learn

E-Blox: Emerging Leader in Educational Electronic Toys and Products - tBR Company-of-the-Week

E-Blox is an emerging leader in educational electronic toys and products that engage children to Learn by BuildingTM. Based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, E-Blox was launched in 2016 by Art Seymour and his sons James and Joseph after more than 90+ years of combined experience as entrepreneurs, inventors, and designers in the educational toys and wireless industries. “Our Mission at E-Blox is to bring educational toys to the industry that are tons of fun that kids build themselves while growing their knowledge in the sciences and arts and equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century--and beyond!”, says Art Seymour, CEO for E-Blox. As CTO for E-Blox, Jim Seymour is focu

Robert Pasin, Chief Wagon Officer at Radio Flyer - tbr Person-of-the-Week

2020 and its role in the Radio Flyer story As business leaders, we are often asked to tell our companies’ origin stories. Over the years, you tailor and refine your story, adding and swapping in anecdotes and highlights along the way. As the head of Radio Flyer, a 103-year-old brand, I’ve found there is a lot of material to choose from – both good and bad – that helps communicate our story. I always start with mention of my grandfather, who founded this iconic brand over a century ago as an incredibly successful first-generation American immigrant. But, I don’t shy away from the not-so-nice parts of the story, either. When I took over, Radio Flyer was in a dark place. Sales were stagnant and


Press Contact: Emily Blosser | | 404.434.2103 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PEOPLE OF PLAY’S 15TH ANNUAL YOUNG INVENTOR CHALLENGE UNDERWAY WITH NEW LEADERSHIP CHICAGO, IL (October 7, 2020) -- People of Play (POP), formerly known as the Chicago Toy & Game Group, is announcing the kickoff of the 15th annual Young Inventor Challenge. This year’s contest is sponsored by Mattel, Magformers, Goliath and Hasbro, four companies that have a long history of working with and developing inventors young and old. Also sponsoring the event is The United Inventors Association and Female Strong. As the program enters its 15th year, POP announces that Jazmine Darden, an innovator and educator i

Dubit - tBR Company of the Week!

In an old railway roundhouse, by a canal in Leeds, England, you’ll find one of the biggest kids- and teens-specific agencies in the world. Dubit is both a research and strategy consultancy, and a digital studio making games, apps, virtual worlds, VR and AR for companies ranging from CBBC and PBS Kids to LEGO, Topps, K’NEX and GoNoodle. Dubit was established in 1999, with a remarkable distinction – the founders recruited teens to guide the company, resulting in the Guinness Book of World Records listing Dubit as having the youngest directors on record. When the company was formed, Second Life was popular, but the teen board felt the virtual world wasn’t designed for them. As a result, the com

David Kleeman - Roblox isn’t One Game, but the “YouTube of Games.”

We’re barreling toward what promises to be a very strange holiday season for the toy industry. With stores still under tight restrictions and parents anxious about browsing in person, companies are scrambling to get their IP in front of kids in a playful setting. Their best tool for discovery may be the online game platform Roblox. For those unfamiliar, Roblox isn’t one game, but the “YouTube of games.” Anyone can play and anyone can build and publish. Since before the pandemic, use has been rising like no other platform: Roblox’ 150 million worldwide users log 1.5 billion hours monthly. Half of all US children play at least weekly. What does this have to do with toy companies? Roblox games

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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