What do you do in the industry?

My role as Global Brand Lead for Edx Education is to bring educational, playful products to the moms, dads and caregivers across the world who are looking for purposeful playthings to help their child skill-build.

Where were you born?

Australia, along with a twin brother.

 (Heather working along side my twin brother David at a toy fair)

How did you get started in the industry?

I’m what you would call...

Currently I am President of Forbidden Games, but my journey in the games/toy space started in 1990 when I was hired by MicroProse, a pioneer in the PC/ Video game industry. My entry-level job was district sales manager for the Midwest based out of Chicago. I was responsible for calling on regional game stores and distributors who sold our games.

I was thrilled as I was a huge fan of the company’s products, and a devoted gamer....

(Brenda Tamburo Andolina – connector of people and ideas)

Plato, you were so right.

Have you been able to stop for a minute to take in what’s happened to your life? Your career? Your grooming? While we’ve moved from hovering to hunkering to hanging – things, lots of things, have changed everywhere. Maybe you’ve lost some customers or a wonderful project you were working on evaporated overnight. And, if you’ve been downsized or f...

What exactly do you do in the industry?

I am CEO (Chief Elevator Officer) of ElevatorUp, a brand new card game. I am the only employee, so I do the designing, marketing, shipping, and everything else.

What is ElevatorUp?

ElevatorUp is a kid-invented, kid-designed, kid-marketed, kid-shipped, and kid-loved, (and, yes, the same kid) card game. It is easy to learn, moves at a fast pace, and never gets old. The goal is to be the first...

What exactly do you do in the industry?

I’m a game creator and I own Morning Star Games that manufactures family and party games. I created You’re Pulling My Leg, You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior, JabberJot, Pet Detectives, and Slap Wacky.

What is your claim to fame in the industry?

I’ve won 38 awards for the games I’ve created.

Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry?

I created my first game, You’re Pulling My Leg!, as...

August 5, 2020

What advice can you give to young entrepreneurs who are working on a new toy or game idea?

More than anything, you need to be relentless. Don't get caught up in the obstacles in front of you. You have to find a way around them. Most things aren't impossible, listen to yourself and carry on.

What was your life like growing up and how did that influence who you are today?

Our family is wild. Growing up we were never allowed to go o...

My inventor life began around 10 years ago when I began tinkering away on a magnetic toy that was to become my first pitch, to Mindware at CHITAG in 2014.  I was very fortunate and licensed the toy soon after the meeting, which went on to become MagnaMix, and even more fortunate that it remains on store shelves to this day.   

So, let me dwell a little bit on CHITAG. I’m sure most of you have heard of it and many have...

With contractor and freelancer employment on the rise, the 2020 workforce continues to evolve toward a more dominant gig economy. The Creative Fold, launched in 2018 by a group of seasoned toy industry professionals including Jodi Meusel and Katie LaSeur, started at just the right time.

With their efficient gig-style service offering, this team of experts specializing in graphic design, product development, industrial design, a...

Define yourself, know what you can provide and especially what you can’t provide and always look for Integration!

Who am I? So much and so little…

  • Professional Agent and Consultant in the Toy market, providing sales, strategy, and distribution services to new, small & medium companies

  • Mom blogger writing about conscious parenting, skill building and the love of play

  • Mindful-Mom, biological and foster, each with a d...

July 23, 2020

Heading into 2020, WindSunSky Entertainment, the creative team behind smash hits like Angry Birds, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Ice Age, was working hard on content and technology to support a new entertainment platform for kids being developed for release in 2021. As part of this effort, the group had shot and edited a handful of videos under the banner “Camp Bonkers.” When COVID-19 hit and summer camps across the country began...

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