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Corri McFadden

Glitter and Bubbles was created to connect with and inspire non-traditional moms through fashion, easy Pinterest-worthy recipes, beauty and travel. Style and lifestyle expert Corri McFadden shares her real-life experiences of motherhood (pretty and not so pretty). Parenting isn’t perfect and it is Corri’s goal to let others know they aren’t going through the challenges of motherhood alone. Moms can have it all, on some days. Corri McFadden is an entrepreneur, working mom and a fashion and lifestyle expert. She started her luxury consignment company, eDrop-Off fourteen years ago and after the birth of her first daughter, Zelda, launched Glitter and Bubbles to share her parenting experiences a

Helen Sadovsky

Helen Sadovsky has been a Pediatric Occupational Therapist for over 9 years. She runs an Instagram account (@toy_ideas) sharing innovative developmental toys for children. She is also the creator of Personalized Toy Ideas, a service providing parents with appropriate toy suggestions specifically for their child's interests, play skills, and abilities. To learn more about her and her mission, check out her website at Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Katy Mann

Katy is an ambassador for the city of Indianapolis and cheerleader for local businesses, small and large. Typically, you'll find her out and about in her community, pushing a stroller full of children. Born and raised in Southern California by two parents who have an appetite for travel and exploration, Katy's genetic inclination to travel keeps her moving, as she explores places near and far with her husband and four children in tow. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Dougal Grimes - Young Inventor Challenge Keynote!

(Dougal Grimes, Hasbro's Director of Product Design, and Rich Mazel, Hasbro's Senior Director of Global Product Acquisition, with Young Inventor Challenge entrants in 2015) A bit about Dougal's background... Dougal studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. After spending the majority of his design career at university turning mundane briefs to be toy and game related, he decided to pursue the big toy dream and joined Hasbro in 2008. Since then he has held many different roles at Hasbro, From Marketing to Sales to Product Acquisition. He is currently Director of Design for the Party Gaming Team. PLAYFUL INTERVIEW: What was your favorite toy or g


CHICAGO CELEBRATES RUMMIKUB THROUGH PARTNERSHIP WITH THE PUBLIC LIBRARY IN ADVANCE OF U.S. NATIONAL TOURNAMENT AT CHITAG 2017 CHICAGO, IL (OCTOBER 27, 2017) -- Rummikub® the tile-based game that combines elements of rummy, mahjong and dominoes has been delighting and entrancing players of all ages for more than 70 years. This November, the excitement lands in Chicago through a partnership between manufacturer, Goliath Games, and the Chicago Public Library. The month of fun culminates with the U.S. National Rummikub Championship, held every three years and held for the second time during the Chicago Toy and Game Week (ChiTAG) Fair on Navy Pier November 18-19. The winner of the U.S. tournamen

Olivia and Brynna, 5th Graders, Their Game is in Target!

Olivia Wasilewski and Brynna Siewers, 5th graders, on winning the Young Inventor Challenge in 2016 and getting their game in Target! How did you first hear about the Young Inventors Challenge? From our ALPS (Accelerated Learning Program for Students) teacher, Mrs. McNamara. It was an assignment for our fall project in 4th grade. Was your idea for Ship of Treasures something you’d always thought about or was it because of the Challenge? It was specifically for the challenge. How did you first come up with the idea? We originally did a pirate scavenger hunt and then eventually turned that idea into the Ship of Treasures board game. What was the most challenging part of inventing and developin

Alicia Klitsner - Trying to Beat my Husband at a Game. Any Game.

Alicia Alexander, Director of ChiTAG's Young Inventor Challenge What was your favorite toy or game as a child? My two favorite games when I was a child were dominoes and cribbage. We used to play Sunday night dominoes games with my mom, dad and brother, and they were intense and a ton of fun! My dad taught me how to play cribbage when I was in elementary school. I loved the math, the strategy and the bluffing, and that it was something that just he and I did together. When I met my husband, it was one of the first games we played together… and it was competitive! His dad taught him to play when he was a child too, so that is something we share! Why and how did you get into the Toy and Gam

Jim Keifer - Making a Game Work

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to up mash the components of different board games. It didn’t really work. But it should’ve worked, we thought. Sub Search was cool, and Tank Battle was also cool, so if you played them together, they should be double cool. What we ended up with (of course) was a guy with a submarine, and a guy with a tank. So we had to call it a draw. The first thing I do when designing a board game - still - is think: what would be cool? What kind of game do I want to play? Or even: what looks like a cool? What would I want to see? I look for clever mechanics, interesting themes. I am never not looking for those things. The first game I ever invented, Thunder Road, w

Judith Blau - A Serendipitous Journey

A Serendipitous Journey Childhood play should never be underestimated as setting the stage for one’s life. Sadly, adverse childhood challenges can play a pivotal role in deciding one’s future. A difficult experience can turn out to be strangely serendipitous. At seven years of age, Judith Blau had just such an experience when she became ill with rheumatic fever, needed surgery on both legs, and was confined to her bed for two years. With her Dad, a dentist and philosophical man of science; her story telling bagel baker grandfather, who visited often to entertain with humor and magical tales; and her Mom, a fun-loving, “out of the box” thinking attorney, she had quite a support team! Early on


Contact: Emily Blosser Brilliant Pr & Marketi CHICAGO TOY & GAME WEEK ANNOUNCES 2017 TOY & GAME INNOVATION (TAGIE) AWARD NOMINEES – ONLINE VOTING OPEN THROUGH October 31st CHICAGO, Ill. (October 10, 2017) – The nominees for the 10th Annual Toy & Game Innovation (TAGIE) Awards ( have been determined for categories including Game Inventor of the Year, Toy Inventor of the Year, Rising Star of the Year, Innovative Arts & Visuals of the Year, Innovative Marketing Team of the Year and Young Inventor of the Year. Nominees in these categories were selected by their industry peers, and the public is now invited to join the industry in placing their


Contact Emily Blosser Brilliant PR and Marketing ChiTAG 2017 Kicks off the Holiday Season Bringing More than 30,000 Members of the Toy and Game Industry, Consumers and Media to Chicago’s Navy Pier, November 16-19 CHICAGO, IL (September 21, 2017) – From the larger-than-life game of Build or Boom to the Rummikub National Championship, the Illinois State Yoyo Competition and the opportunity for inventors to develop their craft, expand their networks and pitch industry heavyweights, the 2017 Chicago Toy & Game Week (November 16-19) has so much more to offer than just the latest and greatest playthings. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to play, celebrate, discover, support

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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