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Gerrick Johnson - I used to work for Sean McGowan

(photo from Forbes article about Gerrick, The Biggest Kid on Wall Street) What is your claim to fame in the industry? I used to work for Sean McGowan. Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? I was in investment banking at Gerard Klauer Mattison right after business school. I hated it. So I looked to transfer into equity research. The education and employment services analyst rejected me, but then a spot opened up on the toy team. So it was sort of happenstance. I knew nothing about toys before. What trends do you see in toys or games that excite or worry you? Blind bags. Why take great innovation and hide it? Where were you born? Bay Shore, Long Island. What are your fa

Wayne Park - Boss Fight Studio H.A.C.K.S. The Quarantine

(From Editor: I chose this photo because Wayne & Kara JUST got married! -Mary) Running a small successful toy company is not an easy job, especially during a global pandemic. It can be a difficult task to stay in business while you are facing global supply chain disruptions, closed factories, lost sales revenue, and shattered consumer confidence in the toy market. Boss Fight Studio, home to the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. (Highly Articulated Character Kit System), came up with an innovative way to engage with it’s consumers and fans while at home in quarantine during the global pandemic. Boss Fight Studio is a creator-owned company focused on offering high quality, collectible toys. They are compri

Dee Farrell - Change Management is a Thing!

Hello Toy Friends! I hope you’re all staying well and strong. Everyone I connect with lately is talking about the huge effect COVID is having on our industry. In the middle of this pandemic almost nothing is as it used to be. The “usual” times and places we all use to get together have been canceled or put online. Virtual is our new normal. We’re shipping samples to buyer’s homes, spending hours in Zoom meetings, and rushing to get new web sites up. And all the while, trying to keep our businesses open to tend to customers. In addition to all of that, many of us are also helping our teams and employees make all these changes right along with us. While most of us in the toy industry pr

Jennifer Ellis-Juncaj and Allison Ramsey -Playtesting during COVID-19

(Jennifer Ellis-Juncaj and Allison Ramsey) The sharp turn of Spring 2020 semester was one neither of us could have anticipated nor something we signed up for, especially Allison who was focused on closing out her final semester of college. As two students in the midst of building tabletop games, we were both excited about reaching such huge milestones within our programs. However, not even halfway through our semester, the global COVID-19 pandemic shut down the country. As every designer knows, playtesting is a key component when creating games. The sudden enforced social distancing yielded an opportunity for us to rethink how to conduct playtesting while observing six feet of distance from

Chicago Toy & Game (CHITAG) Group to Assume Publication of the Bloom Report

Chicago Toy & Game (CHITAG) Group to Assume Publication of the Bloom Report (Phil Bloom) May 12, 2020 - Today, the Chicago Toy & Game Group (CHITAG) announces that it will acquire and assume ongoing publication of toy industry news standard bearer, the Bloom Report. The transition will occur on May 30 upon the retirement of Phil Bloom, who founded and published the report for more than 20 years alongside a long career with Toys ‘R Us. “It has been a pleasure to provide this service to the toy industry and I have confidence that Mary Couzin and the CHITAG team will carry on my legacy and continue to provide this valuable service,” said Phil Bloom. With a mailing list of more than 40,000 acti

Greg Scott - Never Send A Dinosaur To Do A Ladders Job

As I write this opening paragraph, our state is on a shelter at home order. The COVID-19 virus has in many ways shut down the world but has, on the plus side, given me time to pursue a bucket list item: publishing a story I started writing and illustrating back in 2004. My ultimate dream of its final creation and publication has taken up space in my head and computer for quite some time. I have worked on and off toward that goal for years, much the way many hopeful authors do. You may find it odd that you are reading about a guy you have never heard of fulfilling his lifelong dream of publishing a children’s book in a ChiTAG newsletter, and I would tend to agree with you. But if you can stay

Don Ullman - Shoot A Good Video And The Odds Go Up

Shooting a video can be a really fun part of the inventing process and can really help your hit rate. Although there are still many hurdles to licensing ideas, one thing that has become easier over the course of my career is the ability to present those ideas. When I started in the business, I always brought prototypes to physical meeting locations – usually to NY Toy Fair or to a company that was within a day’s driving distance. This was not really all that efficient or successful, at least for me. As technology evolved, the pitch evolved, using awkward camcorders and VHS videos (incredible tech for the time), and then DVD’s which were better, but still not great. Now, we are so lucky to

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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