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Patrick Matthews - The Boy and The Sword, Distraction, Life

What do you do in the industry? My journey in the game and toy business has been a bit convoluted. I started out designing and publishing my own games back in 2002. For anyone not familiar with the world of the small publisher, it means wearing several hats. After I designed a game, I worked with illustrators and manufacturers to create it, then with distributors, sales reps, and retailers to get it to market, and, of course, with magazines and websites to advertise it. As you might imagine, that process requires a lot of time. When life interrupted, as it sometimes does, I transitioned to licensing games, and contracting out to help companies refine and playtest their products. Parallel to

Joyce Hemphill - The Power of Playful Learning

2019 Play in Education (PIE) Conference Presentation Description: Learners benefit cognitively, physically, and socially when they play. Learners also benefit cognitively, physically, and socially when manipulate objects for a craft project. However, the benefits received in making something are often not the same benefits received when one plays. The presentation showcases some simple educational games and activities that can be made using common everyday items as well as highlight the various cognitive, physical, and social benefits received. By the end of the session each attendee will have made a couple of simple toys and experienced firsthand the benefits of making and playing. Material

Hayley Orlinsky, 6 Years Old, Short and Loving It!

(The following answers were dictated to Hayley’s mom, children’s book author Lori Orlinsky) What is your claim to fame in the industry? My mom wrote the book about me! The book is called “Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All).” What is Being Small about? The book is about a child who does not want to go to school because she is the shortest kid in her class. But in the book, her mom tells her that being short makes her special! Were you that child in the book? Yes. I am short now, too. When I was in preschool, my teachers put a growth chart in my classroom and my name was at the bottom, so everyone started calling me names like shorty, and I didn’t like it. My mom wrote the book because she

Lisa Guili - Board Games ARE the Trend

Because board games are such a strong contributing category in the Educational Insights line, it’s no surprise that we research, examine, and talk about board game trends as a team all the time. One fact that has become evident in all of our social listening and scrutiny of this category is that board games themselves are a trend. Why? Because board games are “the great connector." It may seem counterintuitive to the fact that so many of us are smartphone-obsessed multi-taskers. However, connecting with others is an evergreen aspect of life that people crave—maybe more than ever. And, board games satisfy that craving for all ages. Perhaps that’s why we’ve found that board games are generatio

Wonder Works

Wonder Works for interactive play and free annual family events Wonderfest and Elfstravaganza


Target for their “Cartwheel” app, Story-telling on the Sales Floor and “Flex Fulfill” Options


Mastermind for Amazing Demos and Try Me Features at their Retail Stores

Building Blocks

Building Blocks for Supporting Inventors and Community Involvement

The Grommet

The Grommet for Empowering Inventors and Makers

Freeman PR

Freeman PR for PLAYMOBIL's Mars Space Station, YULU's SNAPSTAR's and Zing's HyperStrike campaigns

LEGO Marvel Team

LEGO Marvel Team for LEGO Marvel Avengers End Game Construction Sets by LEGO Campaign


Microduino for Itty Bitty Buggy and IdeaLab for kids - Everyone is an Inventor

Prospero Hall

Prospero Hall for Trapper Keeper Game (Big G Creative)

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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For educators, librarians, homeschooling families and parents

who are interested in using play to aid learning.

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