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Josh Malone - Inventors and 2020 Election

You are probably aware of how the patent system is rigged against inventors. It was a miracle that I was able to beat Telebrands and the PTAB. It breaks my heart to see so many other inventors get robbed and cheated. So I have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours volunteering to fix it. I moved my whole family to DC last summer. We are mobilizing inventors and supporters from all 50 states to pass legislation to repair this patent system. Unfortunately, patents have become political. It shouldn't be, but it is. If we want to get our patent system back, then we have to elect legislators that support the cause. This is one way that you can really make a difference.

Joe Bradford's Tribute to Alan Roach

(author, Joe Bradford) I met Alan Roach on day one of my first internship at Hasbro back in 2010. At the time, Roach was 18 years into his toy and game design career at Hasbro, then serving as design director overseeing the GI Joe and Battleship brands. When I arrived at his office, he stood behind a messy desk scattered with an assortment of collectables, oddities, and action figures, next to a wall covered floor-to-ceiling with sketches, post-it notes, and torn pages from magazines, all held up with painters’ tape (he wasn’t allowed to poke holes in the wall, but sometimes after a tough meeting, he would passive-aggressively pin something up using a thumb tack to ‘stick it to the man’, as

Charlie Owen - Beanie Babies and Viagra: A Story of Two “Happy Accidents”

The following is based on and inspired by the books The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute by Zac Bissonnette and The Rise of Viagra: How the Little Blue Pill Changed Sex in America by Meika Loe Sigmund Freud, the famous psychologist, wrote in 1908, “People hoard random stuff because they’re so damn horny all the time”. The Beanie Baby Bubble burst in 1998. Viagra was introduced in 1998. Coincidence? There are often unplanned eureka moments in any discovery activity. The trick is in keeping your eyes open and knowing how to pounce. Overnight successes require lots of work. Two products were conceived at the same time, 1992, but born on different dates. As one w


CHITAG’S YOUNG INVENTOR CHALLENGE BRINGS NEW KID-INVENTED GAME TO RETAIL; OFFERS AT-HOME LEARNING ACTIVITY FOR KIDS Winning Game, Betcha Can’t!, Invented by Kids and Produced by Pressman is Available Now CHICAGO, Ill., March 17, 2020 – The Chicago Toy and Game Group, host of the annual Young Inventor Challenge (YIC), announced the retail launch of a YIC winning game, Betcha Can’t!. The game was invented by friends Lily Brown (13 years old) and Tait Hansen (12 years old) and is now available at Target and In this game of bets and one-upping your friends, players bet on how many things they think they know. The new game, manufactured by Pressman Toys, is a result of the Young Inven


The Roachy Fund's mission is to help others follow their dream to “make art and play games.” The Fund will provide scholarships to college bound students who plan on pursuing a degree in art and/or game design. The scholarship was established to honor Alan Roach, a loved and respected leader in the toy and game industry. Alan’s creativity and love for games brought so much joy to the world. He was filled with eternal enthusiasm for gaming, laughing and life itself. Even in sickness, Alan never lost his sense of humor and desire to make every day as fun as possible. In the final months of his life, Alan shared that all he really wanted to do was to “make art and play games.” The Roachy Fund

Justin Discoe - Coffee, Loud Music and Build Strong Relationships

What do you do in the industry? I work primarily as an independent toy designer through a company I share with my wife, Lori, called onepartART. We do toy design and illustration work for manufacturers but have done invention for royalty and more recently, I have worked as an expert witness in IP disputes in the juvenile products industry. As an independent toy designer, I typically get a slot-list from a client which may just have price-points, categories and a couple of descriptive lines to work from. Depending on the budget and timeline, it may just be creating renderings to put on a B-sheet or turn-key development that will include works-like samples, works-like/looks-like samples, and p

Lily Brown and Tait Hansen - Betcha Can't!

(Lily Brown and Tait Hansen, winners of 2018 Young Inventor Challenge for Most Marketable Concept with their game Betcha Can't) How did you find out about the young inventors competition? Our parents took us to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair a few years ago. We saw the Young Inventor Challenge and thought, “We can do that too!" What were some of the details of the competition? The Young Inventor Challenge is part of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair which is held each November. It is open for kids ages 6 to 18 to enter. To enter, kids must first design and prototype a game or toy and create a pitch video for their product. During the fair, kids present their products to major toy companies, indus

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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