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2018 TAGIE Nominations Open!

Contact: Angela Drinkwater Brilliant PR & Marketing Submissions Closing Soon for the 10th Annual Toy & Game Innovation Awards (TAGIES) at ChiTAG 2018 Open to Industry Professionals through Wednesday, August 15th CHICAGO, Ill. (July 30, 2018) – Time is running out to nominate the best and the brightest innovators, designers and marketers in the toy and game industry. Nominations for the 2018 Toy & Game Innovation Awards (TAGIEs) close on Wednesday, August 15th. Nominees will be honored and winners announced at an elegant and playful annual gala event during Chicago Toy & Game Week (ChiTAG), November 15-18 at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Submit TAGIE Nominations Now through Aug

Valerie Vacante - Connected Cool Kids

What do you do in the industry? I am the Founder and Managing Partner of Collabsco a strategy and innovation collective based in Austin Texas. We work with global brands and startups to create product innovation solutions for growth. We are Executive Collaborators, Emerging Technology Strategists and Connected Product and Communication leaders. Ultimately, we are problem solvers, we are happiest collaborating with cool people doing cool things to pioneer new products and experiences through emerging tech across toys, games, music, fashion, entertainment and beyond. What was your favorite toy or game as a child? There were so many brilliant toys and games - I can’t name a single toy or game;

Marty Abrams - ComicCon Celebrity, Father of Action Figures and More!

What do you do in the industry? I am most known for being CEO of Mego and have been in the toy industry for over 50 years as an importer, manufacturer, marketing maven, inventor and brand developer. Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? Founding of Mego Corporation, the first company to make action figures based on TV shows and comics superheroes. What is your claim to fame in the industry? Just a few of Mego's top action figures include: Super Heroes, Planet of The Apes, Star Trek, Fonzie, Sonny and Cher, Micronauts, Magna Doodle 2XL, Time Out games and many more. With Abrams/Gentile we brought to market Ent Power Glove, Sky Dancer, Visionaries Kinder Garden Babies, Dragon


YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE… MORE ON PRIVACY REGULATION, GDPR AND CALIFORNIA. WHO’S NEXT? On May 25, 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) went into effect. US-based companies that had offices in the European Union or European Economic Area (collectively, “EU”) or those companies whose target market consisted of persons living in the EU were forced to take both IT and legal measures to ensure compliance, or face heavy fines or potential court damages. However, many US-based companies simply decided that they would disable their e-commerce websites to the EU, and discontinue selling products to the EU, as a means of avoiding compliance with the GDPR. While this

Guido Heinecke - Spiel des Jahres (SdJ) Winners and Importance

When I was a little boy, the Spiel des Jahres“ (Game of the Year) for me was one thing above all else: a promise. The red logo on the box promised something, that TV and books could just not deliver: fairy-tale characters, undercover spies, freight haulers, Emperor Fredrick Barbarossa, and the agents of Scotland Yard chasing after Mister X – those were interactive stories where I could try my best to be a part of. I did not have all those games at home on my shelf, but someone from my circle of friends always had the current winning game. These days influenced my taste in games. Later I did get to know the classics like “Monopoly” and “Risk”, which did not interest me. No wonder, the "Spiel

Audrey Donaldson - Circuit Cubes, Motorcycles and More

What do you do in the industry? I'm the CEO of Tenka Labs, a learning toy startup based in Northern California. What are you working on now? We have so many fun things in development right now! We're expanding our premiere product line, Circuit Cubes, with two all-new kits. And we're coming out with a whole slew of single Cubes that can be purchased as a set or individually, so that people can build on what they already have at home and choose components according to their kids' interests. We're especially excited about our Bluetooth® Battery Cube, which will enable kids to remote-control their builds through a free App. Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? I was supposed

Julie McNamara - Young Inventor’s Challenge Plays a Role in the 4 C’s of Education

Today’s students should be learning more than just the basics–reading, writing, and arithmetic. Twenty-first century learning integrates the 4 Cs of education—Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. As a teacher, one way I have found to teach these skills in my classroom is through toy and game design. What child doesn’t love to play games? This interest of game play can easily be applied to any classroom curriculum and will encompass a variety of Common Core Standards in math, reading, writing, and speaking and listening. As a gifted and talented pull-out teacher, I incorporate game design into a unit on inventions. My unit, which typically spans from the start of th

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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