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Young Inventor Spring Challenge Announced!

CALLING ALL KID INVENTORS! CHITAG’s YOUNG INVENTOR SPRING CHALLENGE SEARCHES FOR NEXT HIT TOYS AND GAMES Entries Accepted Until June 15th for Toy and Game Concepts from 6-18 Year-Old Inventors CHICAGO, Ill., April 21, 2020 – The Chicago Toy and Game Group will host the 15th Annual Young Inventor Challenge (YIC), a global search for the most innovative toys and games designed by kids, for kids, with a special Spring event for kids sheltering at home during the covid-19 pandemic. The competition offers winners the coveted opportunity to win prizes and enter into licensing deals with toy and game industry giants, and is presented by Mattel with supporting sponsor Magformers and promotional part

Nadine Sehnert -Connecting People thru Twin Cities Board Games Meetup Group and More!

Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? Currently, my husband, Mike Tangedal, and I are administrators for The Twin Cities Board Games Meetup group. In 2003, my sister Kristi told me about Meetup and that there was a board game group that needed an administrator. Without an administrator (the one who pays the fees) you can’t schedule events. At this time, Mike and I had been running our own board game parties for our friends that grew out of Mike’s annual birthday party. Se we became administrators and moved from just collecting old board games to learning about all the new games. In September of 2004 we had gone to Chicago for a weekend with some friends and ended up goi

Mike Tangedal - From Furnishing a House to Promoters of Board Games in the Twin Cities.

What exactly do you do in the industry? Well, when my wife, Nadine Sehnert, and I started this adventure we certainly were not thinking of the board game industry as a whole. We were just looking to furnish our house.. We bought a house in Minneapolis just before we got married in 2001 and it needed furnishing. Minneapolis is dominated by bungalow type homes with oak furnishings. We quickly discovered that buying new mission-style oak furniture that best matched our home style was financially unreasonable so we came across a plan to frequent al the estate sales in our neighborhood to procure their oak furniture at a fraction of the cost. This was a fine plan. A great bonus was all the ot

Nick Metzler - Video Conferencing in Unique Ways

I’m back in my parent’s basement. Please step into my office, where I’ll give you a tour of my childhood bedroom. Life’s a little different in this quarantine. Many are working from home, social gatherings have been stalled, and the only respite is a friendly face digitally created through a screen. These unique circumstances have set the stage for a major change in how we communicate and experience life in just one short month. It’s lit a fuse on the explosive growth of video conferencing. Something I really admire is human creativity combined with a playful attitude. Despite being in an unprecedented lockdown, humans all over have responded by finding a way forward much quicker than I ever

Christine Blumberg - Do What You Love!

My life has been surrounded by toys and children’s product. My Dad, for most of his career, was in the toy industry. He started out as an importer of toys from Europe. And, it was cool to think that your parent was in the toy business. He even named items after me and my brothers like the “Christine and Scott and Jeff” paper dolls. So, I think this was my first introduction to the world of toys. I am from the Boston area and had just graduated from the University of New Hampshire. My best friend in college was from LA and convinced me to move out there after graduation. I immediately started working odd jobs to make a living but then decided that my dream job was to work at Disney. A

Lee Allentuck - Gameboard-1: One Board. All Play.

Inventor Shail Mehta Uses Life Experience and New Technology to Build a Global Community of Board Game Lovers Super game enthusiast and rookie tech inventor, Shail Mehta, believes that she and her team of talented engineers have bridged the physical and digital divide for board games. All it took was a connection to friends. When she first immigrated to the United States in the 90’s, Shail Mehta found comfort and friends in playing games. “I couldn’t speak English and the only way to connect with other kids my age was to play games like Chutes & Ladders, Sorry! and Candyland,” Mehta recalls. “As young children, we didn’t need a written language and we could laugh and play without words. This

Kent Brings - Don’t Hesitate…Make that Call!

(Kent and his family) Imagine being woken by two doctors standing above you. What came next was even worse. “Do you have a DNR Mr. Brings?” I told them yes. The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and seeing my wife’s face. This was roughly 13 hours after making the second best decision of my life. Last November 14th I was in Devens, Massachusetts for a meeting. I had flown in a couple days earlier from Atlanta. This business trip was basically the same type of trip I’d taken hundreds of times before. At the time I thought I was a healthy 61 year old. My blood pressure was normal, my weight was at the lower suggested end for my height, I walked 4 to 5 miles a day, ate my fruit and vege

Nick and Greg - Let’s Play Games Rules for Playtesting

Whether you are a big game publisher or a lone inventor developing a game in your spare time, at some point, you will have to take your idea, your baby, and introduce it to the world of gaming. You want validation, clarity, feedback, and, most importantly, criticism to create the best version of your game. You will need objective feedback, which means letting strangers play your game. Data is the key; the input needs to be quantifiable. This process can be scary as no game developer wants to hear negative feedback about their game. Still, without an outside perspective, you run the risk of being blind to all the weak points in your game; this is where objective, data-driven playtest feedback

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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