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Adventure Publishing

Inspirational and Informational Speeches from our Events:

Adi Golad - Founder and Chairman of Goliath - Copy Rats - Smash their Heads! 

Gary Swisher, former SVP of Inventor Relations and Head of Gaming​, Mattel, TAGIE Awards Keynote 

Gray Bright, CEO and Founder of Cloud, Innovation and More

Brent Bushnell, CEO Two Bit Circus  

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Tips on Giving Speeches From TED Talks

Curated List of Tools and Resources for Working More Efficiently

Podcasts and Blogs

POPcast - Hidden Roles - The Brains Behind Your Favorite Games 

Karen Klein - Special Interviews - Toy People 

Karen Klein blog on play

Phil Albritton - Power Kid Design

Andrew Long - Tabletop Wire

Azhelle Wade - Making it in the Toy Industry

InventingDaily - With Carolyn Keane

Kedma Ough, Business Funding Expert

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If You are an Inventor or Manufacturer, Visit Your Local Retailer and Get Their Opinion on the Viability of Your Product! And, Playtest, Playtest, Playtest! 

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