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POP Week 2023 Nov. 2nd - 5th was AMAZING!

POP Week 2024 Events TBA Revealed Soon !
More Exciting Events:

  • Industry Pub Events Around the World HERE! 

  • Know a Creative Kid? Tell them about the Young Inventor Challenge HERE!

  • Be a Sponsor!

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Toy & Game Inventors & Designers,  Product Acquisition Execs, Innovators, Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Newcomers!

Kicking off with POP Roast of

Rich Mazel on evening of Nov. 1st!

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Show your game or toy idea to major toy companies, receive valuable feedback on your invention, and maybe even win prizes and have it considered for publishing! Nov. 4th



Public, Social & Traditional Media, Toy & Game Trade Industry all Celebrating Excellence Worldwide! The Must Attend Event of the Year! 

At Joe's LIVE Concert Venue on Nov 3rd




Families & People of All Ages to Play, Young Inventor Challenge Entrants, Social & Traditional Media, Toy & Game, Trade, Toy & Game Fair Exhibitors

November 4th and 5th

POP Week 2023!  Great Success! 

This is What Happened...


Join Our People of Play (POP) Platform!!! 

Do you want to find people/companies/products & do you want to them to find you? Get listed in the only database dedicated to the toy and game industry!

You can search and be found, gain access to premium content, enjoy the POP Pub for networking, get access to industry events to further your business, and more! ​Search companies, individuals and products by roles, skills, location, product, suppliers, awards, promotions and more! The POP Database is your access point to vital and immediate connections and information! There are already over 2,500 profiles and we're just getting started! 


What are you waiting for? We've got the most powerful platform in our industry! Join here:

POP Week Key Sponsors
2023 POP Week sponsors Oct 30 2023.jpg
Why should you attend People of Play Week?

“One of the first purchases we made as a new design studio was to sign up for a full POP Pro membership. The relationships we have made, the lessons learned and ultimately the deals we have signed as a result of our involvement with POP has paid for itself many many times over. It could cost 10x as much and still be a deal!” you, if interested or dealing in the toy, game and gift area, you check out POP."

--Jordan Goddard, Co-Founder, Indy Toy Lab

"Have you heard? There is a new place for all things toys and it is POP (People of Play). I have attended meetings virtually, have spoken at events and love the interaction participants have. Including new acquaintances, informed topic speakers and students looking for guidance. I strongly urge you, if interested or dealing in the toy, game and gift area, you check out POP."

-Rick Derr,  Regional Manager and owner at Toy Retailer Learning Express Toys.

Also the President of the Franchise Advisory Council representing all LE stores.

"POP Week is “THE” event in the Toy Industry, it is a who’s who of Toy & Game Inventors and Toy & Game Companies. The Conferences, Gala and Fair are unmatched for Educating, Celebrating and Playing in our industry. It is timed perfectly for seeing the best of the best toys and games right in the heart of our biggest selling season!"   

- Gary SwisherCo-Chairperson of CHITAG/POP Advisory Board, Former EVP & SVP at Spin Master and Mattel 

"POP Week is a high point of the year to meet and speak with inventors from around the globe in an amazing, innovative and supportive environment. It is the only toy and game fair offering a combination of new and experienced inventors, learning and networking opportunities.”   

- Rich Mazel, Vice President of Innovation at Spin Master

"I’m looking forward to virtual CHITAG's People of Play Week this year! We won’t be seeing each other for the foreseeable future, so I’m thinking this is the main event that will not be missed."   

- Troy Fischer, Managing Director, Fishco Innovation

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