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Summit Sessions

All sessions will be live on the hour in CT (Chicago) time. Recordings will be available for on-demand viewing after they have aired.

Thursday, 9:00am CT (Chicago)
Beijing to Paris Race and More! 

Moderators: Adi Golad (Founder, Managing Director, Goliath, Netherlands) and

Gerry Crown (Founder, Crown & Andrews, Australia) 

Thursday, 10:00am CT (Chicago)

Public Relations Has Changed!

Sponsored by Litzky PR

Moderator: Lisa Guili (General Manager, Educational Insights)

Panelists: Josslynne Welch (President, Litzky PR), Clark Nesselrodt (Senior Vice President, Brilliant PR),

Rachel Griffin (Co-Founder, Playwise), Amy Friedland (Executive Vice President, Freeman PR),

David Barkoe  (CEO, Carve Communications)

Thursday, 11:00am CT (Chicago)

Social Media Tips and Tricks for Brands, Companies and Inventors 
Moderators: Lana West (Marketing Communication Specialist, Schleich USA)

Panelists: Julie Stern (Vice President, Brilliant PR & Marketing), James Zahn (Senior Editor, The Toy Book, The Toy Insider, and The Pop Insider), Mindy Schanzle (Marketing Communications Lead - Radio Flyer),

Mary Higbe (Director of Marketing, Goliath), Danielle Parde (Digital Marketing Manager, Fat Brain Toys)

Thursday, 12:00 noon CT (Chicago) 

Working with Influencers

Moderator: Kathleen Tomes (President, Brilliant PR & Marketing)

Panelists: Jim Silver (CEO, TTPM Influencer Talent Management), Jordan Mae Williams (TikTok Influencer,

Just Jordan), Dr. Brittany Fusilier (Instagram - brittfusilier, Lifestyle #Influencer),

Elisa Schmidt (CEO, 30seconds.com - Facebook & Twitter) 

Thursday 1:00pm CT (Chicago) 

Industry Awards: Important or Not?

Panelists: Lisa Orman (President, Kidstuff PR) and Lea Culliton (President, HABA USA)

Thursday, 2:00pm CT (Chicago)

Global Perspective: Future of Toy Fairs and International Markets

Moderator: Richard Gill (Vice President Int'l, PlayMonster)

Panelists: JM Duparc (Chief Creation, Identity Games), Jenni Jalava (Product Category Director, Martinex),

Bob Fuhrer (Owner at Nextoy and KenKen Puzzle), Jacqueline Vong (Principal & Co-Founder, Playology Intl), Stephan Van Hacht (Manging Director, MegaBleu)

Thursday, 3:00pm CT (Chicago)

Panel: Activism and Inclusion in our Industry

Moderator: Jean Butler (Business Dev. Consultant, Prior: The Toy Association)

Panelists: Maura Regan (President, Licensing International), Eric Lang (Indie and Award Winning Game Inventor), Steve Starobinsky (Founder, Kid@Heart), Delanie West (Founding Creative Director, Product Development & Design Advisor, Be Super Creative)