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Below is June 25 - July 2, 2021. Click Here for Last Week

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Happy Friday! ​

We lost one of the greats this week -  Ora Coster. She and her husband Theo were the brilliant leaders of Theora Design. They were celebrities in the inventing world and dear friends of mine. Pictured here are Ora and Theo with their sons Boaz and Gideon at the TAGIEs in 2012, receiving the award for Lifetime Achievement. Our hearts are heavy, but we are richer for knowing Ora and all the wonderful playthings she left behind. I am gathering stories, memories and tributes to Ora (and Theo) for a story. Please send me yours to

If you celebrate American Independence Day, I wish you a fun and a safe weekend! 


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tBR Columnist Nancy Zwiers: Dear Nancy... So You Want to be Strategic?

Nancy Zwiers in front of step and repeat.jpeg

Q. How can I ensure I have the best strategy for growing my brand?


A. Many of the people I have worked with think strategy is represented by the words on a page in a PowerPoint marketing plan presentation. What I have learned in 40+ years of classical brand management is that strategy is “the concentration of resources to achieve a competitive advantage.” (Resources can be money, time, focus, space, etc.)


When I was an executive at Mattel and Spin Master, reviewing the annual marketing plans of dozens of brands and sub-brands each year, I tended to gloss over the words on the pages and instead, focused on how the budget was allocated. That was the real strategy.


Brands have a meaningful strategy when they take the risk to make choices to concentrate their resources, instead of spreading them too thin. Too often, we want to check off all the boxes of 360-degree marketing effort, but I have come to realize that budgeting for all the possible consumer touch points is a fool’s errand when it comes to building a brand. 


In today’s marketing landscape, our options for investing are expansive: Read More . . . 

ArtWorkPlay with Kenny Kiernan: "Block Chain-Robots" (ThinkFun)! tBR Person of the Week

Kenny Kiernan.jpg
Block Chain-Robots.jpg

Creating illustrations, characters and packaging for the toy industry and loving it!  ArtWorkPlay with Kenny K is about sharing insights, WIP pics and anecdotes with collaborators from past projects in order to de-mystify the process a bit, and shed some light on how it's done!

The project: "Block Chain - Robots" character designs & toy illustrations

Client: ThinkFun

My guests and co-conspirators: Chris D'Angelo and Sophie Miller (ThinkFun), and Katie LaSeur (The Creative Fold)


KK: Hey all, thanks so much for pitching in with this post! I love how Block Chain-Robots came out; such an interesting concept and I think really different from what's out there - and it looks really cool!


There are three different themed Block Chain games, the other two being Block Chain-Pirates and Block Chain-Unicorns. All three are great classic toy & children's themes, but I must admit I really love robots! So thanks so much for the opportunity to provide the illustrations for Block Chain-Robots! Can you describe the game? 


SM: Block Chain is a three-in-one linking puzzle! Each block comes apart into a three-link chain (hence the name!). You can spin the links and reinsert them into the cubes in different ways, achieving a different goal for each cube.  Read More . . . 

POP 3 Truths and a Lie ad edited July 2 2021.png

Financial & Legal News . . .

Starlings Entertainment and StoryFirst partner on a joint development fund to finance premium drama and family entertainment. The companies are looking for family entertainment projects for the first time, but have yet to reveal how much they are investing or what types of concepts they’re interested in. Starlings CEO Karine Martin (pictured left) and StoryFirst founder Peter Gerwe will oversee the venture...

Deal agreed to release Ever Given ship from Suez Canal  Egypt will release the container ship that blocked the Suez Canal in March, after agreeing a compensation deal with the vessel's owners and insurers. The Ever Given has been impounded in the Great Bitter Lake, the canal’s midway point, since the incident in March this year.

Team17 acquires StoryToys In a US$49-million deal, the app developer behind LEGO Duplo World and Disney Coloring World will become a subsidiary of Team17. Founded in 2011, StoryToys has released several licensed apps for major kidcos, including LEGO Duplo World, Disney Coloring World and Mother Goose Club. 

(the above posted after July 1st)

Hasbro has completed the sale of Entertainment One Music, the Peppa Pig studio’s legacy music business, as part of a $385 million deal. The division was sold to entities controlled by Blackstone, which also own SESAC, a leading music rights organization purchased for a reported $1 billion in 2017. As part of the transaction, Entertainment One Canada has sold off the local music division of eOne.

Sky-high shipping rates and container shortages now affecting India. According to the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO), there has been a steep rise in rates in recent weeks. The story focuses on India, where forwarders are being quoted hugely inflated freight rates by carriers, while also apparently declining to honour existing contracts.

Amazon and Asmodee jointly filed a lawsuit against two defendants for counterfeiting the popular and award-winning card game sets, Dixit: Daydreams Expansion and Dixit: Revelations Expansion. Asmodee Group is a leading board game publisher and distributor. The defendants, based in Brooklyn, New York, attempted to offer the counterfeit products in Amazon’s store, which violates Amazon’s policies, infringes on Asmodee’s trademarks, and breaks the law.

Global tax overhaul backed by 130 countries. Officials from 130 countries have agreed to overhaul the global tax system to ensure big companies "pay a fair share" wherever they operate. The OECD said on Thursday that negotiators had backed a proposed minimum corporate tax rate of at least 15%. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said: "Today is an historic day for economic diplomacy." 

Container shortages and sky-high prices ‘could persist for several more months’, warns logistics firm. Shipping container shortages and voyage cancellations could persist for ‘several more months’, impacting the soaring freight rates further with peak sales season just around the corner and port congestions in Europe, the US, and China still ongoing. 

Mobile studio Dream Games nets $155 million in funding at $1 billion valuationTurkish mobile studio Dream Games has raised $155 million in Series B funding to continue supporting its debut title, Royal Match. The latest funding round was led by Index Ventures and Makers Fund, and means Dream is now valued at $1 billion. 

Sony accidentally said it acquired Demon's Souls dev Bluepoint for a hot second. Earlier today Sony announced it had acquired Returnal developer Housemarque with a fairly standard press release on Business Wire and an equally unassuming post on the PlayStation Blog that were funneled like thick buttercream through the social media piping bag. 

Amazon and Google face CMA investigation into fake and misleading online reviews. Amazon and Google are to be investigated by the competition watchdog over concerns that they have not been doing enough to combat the problem of widespread fake reviews on their websites. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will look into the issue to determine whether the two online behemoths ...



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Trends, Market Research Reports . . .

Construction toys - Look what I made . . . . . People are now spending more time on TikTok than YouTube, Facebook and even Netflix, according to a new report (Tubefilter) . . . . . Manga Sales in North America Hit All-Time High in 2020

(the above posted after July 1st)

UK retail profits could shrink by £8bn in next four years, says research . . . . . Nerd is the word | The Insights Family explores the UK’s booming Kidult market

Financial & Brokerage News . . .

BBC Studios took a US$41-million hit and blames the pandemic (TBI Vision)

(the above posted after July 1st)

4 Stocks to Watch as Demand for Animation Collectibles Grows . . . . . Hasbro completes sale of eOne Music business . . . . . Studio Retail reports profit increase of 513% to £41.7m . . . . . Focus Home Interactive full year sales up 20% . . . . . Welsh language toy company sees surge in sales during pandemic home schooling

Future Financial Reporting . . .

Hasbro, announced that it will webcast its second quarter 2021 earnings conference call on Monday, July 26, 2021, at 8:30 a.m. ET, following the release of Hasbro's financial results. Certain financial and statistical information included in the webcast, such as information required by Regulation G, will be available at the time of the webcast on Hasbro’s Investor Relations website at

Spin Master Corp. to Report Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results on August 4, 2021. Max Rangel, Global President and Chief Executive Officer and Mark Segal, Chief Financial Officer, will host a conference call for the investment community on Thursday, August 5, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. (ET). The call-in numbers for participants are (647) 427-7450 or (888) 231-8191.  

Mattel  today announced that it plans to release its second quarter 2021 financial results on Tues, July 27, 2021 at approx 4:05 p.m. ET. Following this, Mattel will host a conference call and webcast at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The conference call will be webcast on Mattel's Investor Relations website,

Toyjobs has been the dominant recruiting

Stories & Comments . . .

Tech toys – pushing the right buttons. In this category feature, Rachael Simpson-Jones asks how tech enhances play and learning, and whether you can have too much of a good thing. Technology in toys can be varied in its complexity and presentation, from subtle lights and sounds to programmable motion and interactivity, but generally speaking, it’s there for one of two core purposes – entertainment or education.

The Booming Business of Trading Cards (Podcast). Jason Masherah, President of Upper Deck joined the show to discuss the industry and how it has changed since its early days. The trading card business has turned into a very hot commodity. He also touched on digital trading cards and how the grading of cards can assesses their value. Don’t you wish you kept that Lebron James rookie card in better condition?

A Brief History of the Tamagotchi.  Think about the life span of toys. The classics—Barbies, G.I. Joes, Hula Hoops, and Teddy Ruxpins—can keep kids engaged for hours at a time, but eventually the novelty wears off and the child will go in search of new play adventures. But what if someone invented a toy that demanded a kid’s attention all day, every day? What if they were so committed to this toy that they couldn’t bear to be... 

(the above posted after July 1st)

John Baulch, ToyWorld (UK) - Coming to terms …it’s the Friday Blog!  As the ongoing shipping crisis continues to make headlines across the globe, with consumer media finally waking up to the potential implications for the public at large, I thought I’d start this week by looking at how some toy retailers have been reacting to the situation. First up, a special ‘tone deaf’ award for failing miserably to read the room goes to the global retail chain (who shall remain nameless, but they’re based out of Portugal with stores in South America, parts of Eastern Europe and other countries), which apparently is not only insisting that suppliers hold prices quoted months ago, 

Food for thought: Is food licensing worth the rush? Chris Byrne digs into whether food-inspired products from Jakks Pacific, Ravensburger and Impact Confections will keep fresh or sour quickly. SOUR It’s not uncommon to see popular characters from kids content appear on food packaging like granola  bars or juice boxes, but a new trend is seeing food and beverage companies launch toy lines inspired by their edible...

Linda Schmidt, Owner of Cat N Mouse Game Store in Chicago, posted a great idea in her newsletter! Schultütes, a traditional back-to-school treat for a most unusual year! When children in Germany set off for their first day of school, their parents or grandparents present them with a decorated cone filled with little toys, school supplies, and various other special treats.  This schultüte (school cone) is given to children to make this anxiously awaited first day of school a little sweeter.

Board game The Binding of Isaac expansion to see global roll out after reaching $6.1m on Kickstarter. A crowdfunding project to develop an expansion for the popular tabletop game, The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls has smashed through its initial goal of $100,000 by over 6000 per cent, reaching more than $6.1 million on the Kickstarter platform. Developed by Maestro Media in association with Studio71 Games, the ...

The call of the small: how a toymaker shrunk the supermarket, and won bigThere were skeptics in 2019 when New Zealand-based toy company Zuru unveiled its toy line featuring miniature grocery store items, replicated in exact detail, but shrunk to a tiny fraction of their normal size. What kid, analysts and rival toymakers asked, would be thrilled to open a mystery package of toys and find a tiny bottle of Hellmann’s mayonnaise inside, along with miniature versions of a carton of Breyer’s ice cream …


Remembering the Toy Industry's Past . . . 

Top 10 Most Iconic Barbie Dolls of the 1960s. Barbie has had many iconic looks over the years, but to vintage Barbie lovers, the dolls from the 1960s are some of the most iconic. Here I’ve gathered a list of the most iconic dolls from Barbie’s first decade. 10. Swirl Ponytail Barbie. An updated version of the original ponytail doll, the Swirl Ponytail doll was released in 1964. Swirl ponytail dolls came in a variety of hair colors and are popular with collectors.

Feeley Meeley from Milton Bradley (1967). Created by game designer, Emanuel Winston, and published by Milton Bradley in 1967, the Feeley Meeley party game relied on players’ tactile senses to identify hidden objects before their opponents.  The game box came complete with a grab box, 24 tiny plastic objects, and 24 picture cards matching each of the plastic objects.


Worldwide Licensing News . . .

PlayMonster is teaming up with Disney to incorporate popular characters into several PlayMonster lines — including 5 Second Rule, Ring It On, and Colorforms. 5 Second Rule Disney Edition is a fast-paced game where players have to think quickly and shout out the answers to the questions — prompts including naming three Disney dogs within five seconds. With cards featuring topics that multiple generations can enjoy...

LEGO Ideas' New Seinfeld Set Is Better than Junior Mints. The LEGO Ideas Seinfeld Set features all the ‘90s sitcom goodness to celebrate the show’s 32nd anniversary. From a Festivus pole to a buildable stand-up stage, LEGO Ideas is really bringing “yada” some “yowza” with this comical set. Created by LEGO fan Brent Waller, the set features a 1,326-piece, bricked-up rendition of Jerry’s apartment. 

Unbox Seasonal Pokémon with 3 New Holiday Calendars from Jazwares. Why should Christmas get all the fun of countdown calendars when there are plenty of other holidays worthy of unboxing toys? Jazwares will debut a Pokémon Halloween Calendar for this October with 13 days of Pokémon collectibles, including eight 2-inch Pokémon figures and five Halloween accessories. 

SolidRoots will publish a line of licensed Berenstain Bears-themed games, expected to hit shelves in spring 2022, for ages 4 to 8+ years old.

Known for its offerings like trivia game Mind the Gap and escape room game series Trapped, SolidRoots is a license partner for The Berenstain Bears through December 2024. “Having grown up with the Berenstain Bears, I feel incredibly honored to partner with them and create games...

HarperCollins Children's Books announced today the exclusive rights to publish Dungeons & Dragons middle grade content in partnership with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast. The Dungeons & Dragons publishing program will launch in Fall 2021 with the publication of the first ever middle grade novel, DUNGEON ACADEMY: NO HUMANS ALLOWED, written by NY Times bestselling author Madeleine Roux...

(the above posted after July 1st)

Sesame Workshop named Sony Creative Products Inc. (SCP) as the licensing agent for the property in Japan. The show has reached over 150 countries, generating $1.4 billion in international retail sales of licensed products. Following its U.S. debut in 1969, Sesame Street first aired in Japan in 1971. 2021 marks the 50th anniversary since of its Japanese premiere.

Mattel, ViacomCBS Ink Licensing Deal for PAW Patrol: The Movie Mega Bloks, UNO Junior. Under the new agreement, Mattel Games will issue UNO Junior PAW Patrol — a simplified UNO Junior card game designed for younger players — while Mattel's Mega Bloks brand will unleash a collection of more than 10 new building sets, including the Adventure City Pups Assortment, Marshall’s City Fire Rescue set, and Rubble’s City...

Jakks Pacific, The Heart Supply Partner for Target Skateboard Launch. Jakks Pacific and Johnny Schillereff — founder of Element Skateboards — are teaming up to bring skateboarding to the masses while doing a lot of good along the way. Target is the exclusive destination for a groundbreaking collection of high-quality skateboards from The Heart Supply, Schillereff’s new company that was founded with giving in its DNA.

Hasbro and eOne’s new comedy series Ninja Express to launch on CBBC this July. Hasbro’s global entertainment studio, eOne, has launched a new kids’ animated series to the global stage, an ‘absurd 2D and 3D mix of animated comedy’ for six to 11 year old kids, titled Ninja Express. The series – c0-produced with Creative Conspiracy and Frogbox – follows the antics of a special delivery service run by super-powered Ninjas ...

Melissa & Doug details global launch of PAW Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You toy ranges. The global toy brand Melissa & Doug has detailed a new range of co-branded PAW Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You toys, developed in partnership with Nickelodeon, to be made available at retailers across the globe. The multi-year partnership launches with 50 items in the line-up for 2021, including the PAW Patrol Rescue Mission...

Hasbro and Universal partner to launch Transformers x Jurassic Park mash-up… proving that life does find a way. Even if you could never have imagined it, life… (you’ve guessed it), finds a way. Hasbro has finally partnered up with Universal Brand Development and Amblin Ent to create the DNA mash-up we’ve all been waiting for; bringing Jurassic Park and the Transformers franchise together for the first time. 

New LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian season 2 sets revealed ahead of August release. LEGO has unveiled three new sets inspired by season two of the hit Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian which go on sale on August 1st and includes an Imperial Armored Marauder, Boba Fett’s Starship, and an Imperial Light Cruiser. The Mandalorian fans can play out action-packed battles between Greef Karga...

Miraculous Ladybug RP from ZAG and Toya Exceeds 100M Gameplays as the Newest Hit on Roblox!.  ZAG Games, a new division by award-winning global independent animation studio ZAG, and Toya, a female-led, Tel-Aviv based studio  partnered on Miraculous RP: Quests of Ladybug & Cat Noir, which has shown all signs of a hit, passed 100 million visits in seven weeks, with 88% of players giving the game a “thumbs up.” 

L.O.L. Surprise releases Disco House mobile game. L.O.L. Surprise! continues to expand in the video game category with the release of the L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House mobile game from MGA Entertainment and TutoToons. Available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore, Disco House is designed for fans 6 and up. Players can grow a virtual collection of L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and play with them...

New ‘Vlad & Niki’ Toys Launch. A new toy line from Playmates offers preschoolers the opportunity to create their own make-believe adventures with Vlad & Niki. The toy collection features race car driver, superhero and firefighter themes, a creative rocket ship playset with figures and vehicles and more. The first themed items – Vlad & Niki Crazy Rocketship Playset and Vlad & Niki three-inch figures – debut at Target...

Jazwares, Moonbug Entertainment launch ‘Squishville’ YouTube series. Jazwares and Moonbug Entertainment are bringing their squish to YouTube with an animated Squishville series. Debuting this Saturday, Squishville will follow the adventures of various characters in the Squishmallows universe. Fifi, Lola, Cam, Winston, Jeanna, Leonard, and more will squish around town, visit Squishville park, and more in each 2...

Marvel Launches NFTs with VeVe. Marvel Entertainment and Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited, a digital collectibles company operating the “VeVe Digital Collectibles” app, announced a new collaboration to launch a global digital collectibles experience in the coming months. For the first time, fans will be able to purchase and interact with official Marvel NFT digital collectibles, 3D statues and digital comic books through ...

Five new Dune games from four publishers follow 42-year history. With Dune heading back to the silver screen and into streaming on HBO Max via WarnerMedia (see “Warner Bros. Drops ‘Dune’ Trailer”), new Dune games are rolling out to market in clusters through the license granted to Gale Force Nine. Some of them are tied to earlier versions and some aren’t, so we’re reviewing the history of these games based on the property and laying out the current landscape. The Dune licenses have a storied past in the games industry.

nancy lombardi ad.540x250.jpg

People . . . 

Guinness World Record Holder Launches YouTube Channel for Unusual Collections. Host, Marla Mogul, takes viewers on her journey to find passionate collectors with the Windup Project. The Windup Project was created by Guinness World Record holder, Marla Mogul, while pursuing her award for the largest number of wind-up toys in a private collection. Over the past 30 yrs Marla has collected more than 1300 wind-up toys... 

Jennifer Caveza Announced as Otis College Toy Design Program Chair effective July 1. Caveza previously served as Assistant Chair of the Toy Design program at Otis from 2001-2006, and most recently was Senior Vice President of Toy Licensing at ViacomCBS, where she oversaw licensing deals and identified new business opportunities for the entertainment company’s top global franchises.

The physician-designer will see you now. Michiko Maruyama is changing the field of medicine by creating art and designing toys. WHEN most people think about medicine, they do not think about art. But Michiko Maruyama does. She thinks about doodles, toys and children’s books – all in the context of the medical field. In fact, she would like to be referred to as a physician-designer. “There’s so much emphasis on physician...

The Strong National Museum of Play is offering the chance to meet former Chair and CEO of Mattel Inc. Jill Barad from 6 to 7 p.m. EST on Wednesday, August 11—all from the comfort of your home via Zoom! In the next of episode of their “Cocktails with the Creators” series, you’ll will hear firsthand how Barad successfully took Barbie from under $200 million to $2 billion in sales, and further established the Barbie brand as an American icon. She purchased American Girl from Pleasant Company for Mattel and helped to open the first American Girl Store in Chicago...

Genius Brands appoints Kerry Phelan to role of EVP and GM of global franchise management.  Genius Brand International has appointed the 30 yr consumer branding executive, Kerry Phelan to the newly created role of EVP and GM of global franchise management. In her new role, the former DreamWorks and Pixar executive will report to both Andy Heyward, chairman and CEO, and Harold Chizick, president of global... 

Katie Gritt joins Just Play UK Just Play UK continues to build the team ahead of its official opening on 1st January 2022 with the appointment of Katie Gritt as head of Marketing - EMEA. Katie has spent the past five years at The Entertainer, managing retail marketing before leading The Entertainer’s social media, content and PR strategy. 

Casdon welcomes new marketing manager  The new senior hire will expand Casdon Toys' marketing team and be responsible for the company's new brand and marketing strategy. Simone Inskip, who joins the team in July, has spent the past three years working at MGA Entertainment and brings with her a wealth of experience across the toy and entertainment sector.

(the above was posted after July 1st)

ViacomCBS is launching a new global leadership structure to unify its US and international businesses. Brian Robbins (pictured left) and Chris McCarthy (pictured right) were both promoted to president and CEO with global oversight of their respective brands—Nickelodeon for Robbins and MTV Entertainment Group for McCarthy.

“Power Kid Podcast,” host Phil Albritton of Power Kid Design welcomes Lizzy Newsome, owner and curator of Kappa Toys in Las Vegas. Newsome’s design-minded stores carry a wide array of hard-to-find international toys and collectibles combined with a carefully curated selection of nostalgic retro classics for kids and adults alike. On the show, Newsome discusses her toy retail journey...

LONNY WEINSTEIN JOINS DIVERSE MARKETING AS EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT. Weinstein joins the company from Melissa & Doug where he served for nearly 20 years, most recently as vice president of omnichannel sales. During his time at Melissa & Doug, Weinstein was part of the team that grew the company from a small manufacturer catering primarily to independent toy stores and gift shops to...

WarnerMedia EMEA grows kids team. Reporting into Vanessa Brookman, Lars Wagner will lead CEE kids channels, while Monika Oomen will handle brand, communications and franchise management for EMEA. WarnerMedia EMEA has brought in a pair of Disney alums to strengthen the newly formed leadership team for its kids business in the region.

Lourdes Arocho, formerly VP of worldwide licensing at Paramount Pictures, is now the company’s SVP of Paramount Pictures Licensing, and global games and publishing for ViacomCBS Consumer Products. Based in LA and reporting to Pam Kaufman, president of ViacomCBS Consumer Products, Arocho will lead international business on games and publishing. Prior to joining Paramount in 2019, she held exec CP...

Assassin's Creed Valhalla game director departs Ubisoft for EA MotiveEric Baptizat, a longtime Ubisoft developer and the game director for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, has departed the French company to instead join up with EA Motive. Before his recent departure, Baptizat spent a total of 16 years at Ubisoft and worked on several games in the Assassin's Creed series, including Black Flag and Origins. old...

540 x 250.gif.gif

Companies, Brands . . .

UK retailer Mamas & Papas eyes licensing and franchising among global growth plans.  The British nursery and children’s wear retailer, Mamas & Papas is eyeing international growth, having signed a slate of new overseas partnerships across central and eastern Europe. The move, according to the firm, arrives amid a surge in international demand for British heritage brands like the Yorkshire-based Mamas & Papas …

VTech Debuts New Kidi Tech Collection with Smart Watches, Print Cameras, and More. Modern tech is going mini this year for VTech’s 2021 Kidi Tech collection. Following on-trend features — from messaging apps to instant print cameras — this collection aims to upgrade previous VTech models while introducing new products to its kid-friendly electronic ecosystem.

Mattel Unleashes Full Trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1. The full trailer follows last month’s teaser and gives audiences a better look at the plot of the new animated series from showrunner Kevin Smith (Clerks). Revelation premieres July 23 on Netflix with a five-part first season that is considered a direct continuation of the original series and toy line from the 1980s.

HEXBUG, Wind Sun Sky Forge Alliance for Junkbots Webseries, Roblox Expansion. The world of Junkbots is expanding to becoming a multiplatform effort spanning toys, a CGI web series, and a dedicated universe within Roblox. HEXBUG teamed up with Wind Sun Sky (WSS) to craft new content in support of the second season of Junkbots toys that will hit stores in the weeks ahead led by the all-new environment-based...

Moose Brings Hybrid Direct Distribution Model to Canada. Starting this fall, Moose Toys will distribute directly in Canada for a selection of brands including Bluey and Akedo - Ultimate Gaming Warriors.  All lines will be available at major retailers throughout Canada. While it handles distribution for a selection of curated brands, Moose’s existing relationships with distribution partners Imports Dragon and Red Planet...

BBC puts out call for animated concepts. Ignite will provide development funding for up to 20 concepts from new UK creators and indie prodcos, as well as BBC in-house production talent. The BBC is launching an initiative to find and develop new animated series within the UK, as well as provide support and opportunities for existing and emerging talent. 

No holds barred at MGAToy World spoke to Neil Bandtock, managing director of MGA Entertainment’s UK & Ireland operation, as the company celebrates increasing its market share. MGA reports strong sales across all its brands. The company is currently focused not only on ensuring a healthy end to the spring/summer period, but also on delivering a healthy start to autumn/winter.

Sesame launches a new character. Elmo is getting a puppy, inspiring new licensed products and an animated special that will premiere on HBO Max in August.  In the 30-minute special produced in partnership with A Productions (The Numtums), Elmo meets stray puppy Tango, learns how to take care of her, and goes on an adventure to find her a forever home. It will premiere August 5 on HBO Max, and then on PBS KIDS in 2022.

Look who’s 40! - doing things The Entertainer way. Toy World spoke to founder and executive chairman, Gary Grant, to find out how it all began, who helped it happen and where The Entertainer is headed next. Gary and his wife Catherine opened the first The Entertainer store on 5th May 1981, when Gary was the tender age of 22 and, by his own admission, knew absolutely nothing about the toy industry. 

PlayMonster plans to become top ten UK games manufacturer with Playtime PR. PlayMonster has laid out its ambitions to ‘become one of the top ten games manufacturers in the UK’ through investment in its marketing approach and the appointment of Playtime PR. With a growing portfolio of games for all audiences, PlayMonster Games has enlisted the specialist toys and games agency to strengthen its marketing efforts…

PlayShifu to boost Indian manufacturing and help fuel local ‘toyconomy’. The Indian early learning toy company, PlayShifu is boosting its local manufacturing capacity for in-house consumption as well as exports, the latest move from a firm eyeing a new stage of growth following the $17 million its raised in series B funding earlier this year .PlayShifu’s India manufacturing is already exporting to international markets which...

(the above posted after July 1st)

Facebook is testing drastic changes to Instagram to make it more like TikTokFacebook’s head of Instagram on Wednesday announced the social network plans to start showing users full-screen, recommended videos in their feeds. This represents a drastic shift for Instagram, which has until now primarily been an app where users can see square-sized images from their friends and accounts they follow. 

Step2’s Pretend Grills Are Sizzlin’, Smokin’, and Sweet Fun for Kids this Summer. July is National Grilling Month, and what better way to celebrate than by letting kids host their own BBQ bash? Families can roll out some role-play fun with Step2’s outdoor grill sets that mini Masterchefs-in-the-making can use to grill up the fun.

Little Tikes Introduces the Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle. MGA Entertainment‘s Little Tikes division is getting into the at-home fitness craze. Over the past 18 months, sales of cycles, bikes, and other home training equipment have been booming as parents looked for ways to get active and stay fit while gyms around the world were closed. Now kids can get in on the action with the Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle

The entertainment division of Hasbro is gearing up for a special delivery. eOne, alongside Creative Conspiracy and Frogbox, has been working on Ninja Express, a new animated series from creator Kim Claeys. The series about a special delivery service run by super-powered ninjas has been in development for nearly eight years, originally as 3 Little Ninjas Delivery Service.

England promised bespoke Uno packs if the team wins Euro 2020. Following England's defeat of Germany, the team has been offered an added incentive to progress to the final of the Euro 2020 tournament. The fast-paced card game has become a firm favourite among the England players, who have become addicted to the game as they while away the hours between preparation sessions for their tournamnet matches.

Big Potato launches The Great Board Game Trade-In  Indie game company Big Potato is working with over 60 independent retail stores across the UK on a mission to recycle old games.  In return, they’ll receive 20% off a brand new Big Potato game, with best sellers such as Obama Llama, The Chameleon and Blockbuster among the company’s selection of party games to choose from. The old game will be recycled and be donated...

American Girl’s Virtual Funfest Brings Dance Parties and Doll Yoga Home. Each day will start out with a 35th birthday dance tutorial at 1 p.m. ET to get kids moving and grooving, followed by a doll-friendly yoga session. Kids will be able to chat with Connie Porter (author of the Addy series), along with Julia Lester, Marley Dias, Iris Zahn, and more in special panels throughout the event. Team USA athletes will also be...

Care Bears Premiere Care-A-Lot Club YouTube Series. Cloudco Entertainment, which owns the brand, premiered a new “Youtube-first” live-action mini series, Care-A-Lot Club, and will release new episodes every Tuesday at 9 a.m. EST. through July. Care-A-Lot Club‘s six episodes star the bears in original music videos and pop songs that complement another show from the property, the 2D animated TV series Care Bears...

Spin Master will release its Aerobie Sonic Fin on August 22, a new toy football that can travel up to 100 yards.  To help launch the new Sonic Fin Football, the company teamed up with NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, who stars in an ad for the product. In the video — set to air on television and YouTube — Wilson goes up against 13-year-old football star Maxwell ‘Bunchie’ Young, as the two take turns making throws...

Nickelodeon unveils its new family wearable device NickWatch at Mobile World Congress in BarcelonaViacomCBS and Nickelodeon have unveiled the firm’s first connected smart watch, a family-centric wearable device that promotes physical activity, helps kids explore the world around them, and features a cast of popular Nickelodeon characters. NickWatch features new technology developed with VCNI’s...

Character Options unveils new fashion doll line, Glo-Up Girls. The new Glo-Up Girls range will go on sale in August backed by a live action YouTube series and social media campaign. Kathryn Ludlum, brand manager at Character Options, said: “Glo-Up Girls is such an exciting expansion for the InstaGlam brand and the response from UK retailers has been incredible.”

Tomy launches Maché Magic as it expands arts & crafts range for 2021New fun and easy-to-use kit will be supported with a dedicated influencer programme and TV advertising later this summer. Mary Wood, general manager for UK & Ireland at Tomy, said: “There’s been a growing trend for homemade gifting and Maché Magic perfectly taps into this, allowing kids to explore their creativity and artistic flair. 

Disneyland & Disney California Adventure Reintroduce Single Rider Lines For Select Attractions. The reintroduction of single rider lines comes as health and safety protocols have eased at Disney’s Anaheim parks—particularly, following California’s June 15 reopening. The single rider option is said to be available for select attractions at Disneyland, including Space Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, Millennium Falcon...

Squishmallows to benefit from animated YouTube seriesNew episodes featuring Squishmallows will be released every Saturday between now and the end of October.  “The launch of Squishville speaks volumes to the growth in popularity Squishmallows has had over the last year,” Jazwares president Laura Zebersky said in a statement. 

Crowdfunding Smash: Donut Media Launches Toy Performance Car Line Called Stocky. First up, the Acura Integra Type R, at $325K and climbing. Car-focused Donut Media is best known for their YouTube channel, but they're now venturing into toy design—and already have a smash hit on their hands. Like British industrial designer Julian Meagher, the folks over at Donut bet that car enthusiasts would happily pay...

Funko reveals four 'Pop! Loki' figures. Funko, Inc. revealed four Pop! Loki figures, based on the hit Disney+ series, which will be coming soon to retail. The Loki TV series (see "Trailer for ‘Loki’") will be wrapping up its 6-episode run next week on Disney+, and Funko has released images for new Pop! Loki figures. This series of vinyl figures features three TVA figures: Pop! Ravonna Renslayer with Miss Minutes, Pop! Mobius,...

The Super7 X Power Rangers Ultimates! Collection is *finally* here!. Morphin’ mode activated! After teasing the release earlier this year, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Super7 dropped the first wave of their Ultimates! Power Rangers figures collection. This first wave features five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers characters, including Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Goldar, Putty Patroller, and — for the first time...

Solve cases simultaneously in 'The Key: Theft In Cliffrock Villa'. HABA USA announced The Key: Theft in Cliffrock Villa, a new deduction card game, for release in Q3. In The Key: Theft in Cliffrock Villa, Cliffrock Villa has been targeted with a string of robberies and valuable artwork has been stolen. Players need to investigate these crimes by gathering clues about the perpetrators, time of the crimes, stolen items, and escape...

Mattel introduces new Mega Construx Hot Wheels building setsBack in 2013, MEGA Brands introduced a range of Hot Wheels Mega Bloks building sets that it created under license from Mattel. A year later, the Canadian company was acquired by Mattel and the doors opened for even more cross-pollination of brands within the corporate family. Now, seven years later, the Hot Wheels brand is getting a new push into the...

Character Options unveils ‘one of most exciting launches of summer’ with Glo-Up Girls. Character Options is preparing for ‘one of its most exciting launches of the summer’ with the release of Glo-Up Girls this August, a range that will be supported with a live-action YouTube series, a ‘first-of-its-kind’ social media content house, and official influencer partnerships. Inspired by the current #GlowUp trend – a hashtag with ...

Vivid’s Animagic welcomes interactive plush gorilla duo Tiki and Toko. Animagic, the 12 year strong brand from Vivid, is welcoming a new mother and baby duo this autumn/winter in the shape of Tiki and Toko, a pair of interactive feature plush gorillas who are already proving to be a popular force among retailers in Europe. Having just scooped up a string of retailer awards in France, the interactive characters arrive...

Fend off a horde of evil skeletons in 'Bad Bones'. Luma Imports will release Bad Bones, a cooperative board game by Sit Down!, for release in Q3. In Bad Bones, players attempt to create a defense against horde of skeletons, simultaneously, on their respective board. They can use traps or send heroes and dragons after the skeletons in order to push the invading army off their boards.

Let the Wookies win in 'Star Wars: Legion'. Fantasy Flight Games will release Wookie Warriors Unit Expansion, a new miniatures sets for Star Wars: Legions, in Q3. The Wookiee Warriors Unit Expansion adds six Wookiee Warrior miniatures to the battlefield. These wookies can be assembled with different weaponry, either a close-range unit carrying ryyk blades and Kashyyk pistols or a unit of Wookiee sharpshooters ...

Czech Games Edition unveils 'Lost Ruins Of Arnak' expansion. Czech Games Edition unveiled Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders, a new expansion, for release in October. This expansion to the Kennerspiel des Jahres-nominated Lost Ruins of Arnak (see "'Spiel des Jahres' Nominations Revealed") adds six unique leaders to the mix. Each leader features different abilities, skills, and starting decks that offer create ...

Mantic Games announces new 'Kings of War' army. Mantic Games announced the new Salamander army product line, for Kings of War miniature game, which will release in July. The newest Kings of War army has a fiery disposition, and will be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Salamander Mega Army is a big box product that comes with everything players need to field an army for this new faction. 

Pottick Law Ad new as of Nov 2020.jpg

Video Games, Gaming Hardware & Game Development News . . .

Konami and The Medium dev Bloober Team partner to create new gamesKonami Digital Entertainment has signed a strategic partnership with The Medium developer Bloober Team to create games based on existing and new properties.  In a short press release, Konami said it has been looking to collaborate with "highly regarded development partners" on a variety of projects, but noted it still intends to create...

Former Riot Games devs band together to establish new studio Amihan Entertainment. A group of former Riot Games developers have established a new studio called Amihan Entertainment. Amihan co-founder Naomi McArthur, formerly a senior game designer at Riot, broke the news on social media and explained she'll be leading the design on the nascent studio's debut title. 

Bemused Pokemon Go players petition Niantic to make pandemic tweaks permanent. Pokemon Go players are imploring developer Niantic to make some of the title's pandemic-enforced features permanent fixtures to ensure it remains accessible and safe in the long-term. A petition (pictured below) asking the company to keep increased PokeStop and Gym interaction distances has amassed over 77,000...

US has spent $650m on mobile sports games in the past yearSpending by US mobile games rose to $648.8 million in the last twelve months, boosted in part by the ongoing effects of the pandemic. That's according to a new report by Sensor Tower, which estimates that revenues for June 2020 to May 2021 increased by 19% when compared to the same period a year before. 

Microsoft Store gives app developers option to keep 100% of revenue, but not games    . Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 yesterday and introduced a way for app developers to get around its store fees -- but games are excluded from the initiative. In a blog post detailing its revamped Microsoft Store, the company explained that from July 28, app developers will be allowed to bring "their own or a third party ...

What were the most talked about games of E3 week? E3 (and this year's adjacent events) achieves one thing, if nothing else: it gets people talking about video games. Every surprise reveal, every in-depth gameplay trailer and every partnership announcement has the potential to launch thousands of excitable forum discussions and convoluted fan theories, as well as tweets conveying peak levels of both hype and snark. 

Here's why you won't see a new Nintendo Switch anytime soon. With the latest and greatest new PlayStation and Xbox consoles in high demand, the video game makers at Nintendo surely must be ready to dump its nearly 5-year-old Switch game system, right? Not so fast. Sure, Sony and Microsoft's new systems, released in November 2020, are lusted after and still nearly impossible to find on store shelves. 

Fat Brain Toy Ad dimpl-br-540x250.jpg

Toy Safety & Counterfeit Related Articles . . .

5 Toys You Might Want To Avoid Buying For Baby. With all of the baby toys on the market, it is no surprise that there are ones parents should steer clear of when buying toys for their babies. From flashy lights, loud music, bright colors, and more, there seem to be endless options for baby toys. While some are safe and promote the use of a baby's imagination, others pose safety risks and do nothing for a baby's development.

Asmodee and Amazon file to take down Dixit tabletop game counterfeitersAmazon and Asmodee Group have jointly filed a lawsuit against two defendants over producing counterfeit versions of the board game giant’s award-winning card game sets, Dixit: Daydreams Expansion and Dixit: Revelations Expansion. The two Brooklyn, New York-based defendants attempted to offer the counterfeit products in...

Tbilisi, Georgia: New regulations on toy safety to enter into force starting today. Safety standards and technical regulations for toys established by the Georgian government in January 2020 will enter into force starting today. Starting July 1 manufacturers will be required to attach safety instructions to toys in Georgian. The safety instructions include information about the chemical composition and physical ...

Peggy brown PBCC Bloom ReportAd 2021 540

Highlighted Press Releases . . . 

KIDS SHOUT ‘NOT IT!’ AS THEY SPOT THE CARD THAT DOESN’T MATCH. AND THEY TRY TO BE REALLY FAST! Parents May Have Used The Expression “You’re It” But Today…Kids Shout ‘Not It!’ As They Spot The Card That Doesn’t Match. And They Try To Be Really Fast!!  If shopping for Christmas in July is your thing, The Good Game Company has two words of advice: Not It! Families are raving about the collection of three themed games known as Not It! ($15.99). This compact card and dice game shows kids that being out of sync is a good thing! If you can do it fast — and not be last. Look for these perfectly priced pursuits (or tuck away for stocking stuffers) at Learning Express or neighborhood specialty toy shops: Not It! The Castle Land Edition, Not It! The Cryptic Hunters Edition and Not It! The Crazy Christmas Edition.

(the above posted after July 1st)

Griddly Games finds seasonal positioning for its products. Now kids can Just Add the perfect ingredients for new and different summertime fun with Griddly Games line-up of Just Add science activity + art kits. The activities in the Just Add branded line of kits include some perfect summer themes like using the sun for a solar oven, making refreshing sugary treats, and even recycling a garden of fruits and vegetables. 

News from Associations, Trade Shows, Awards & Festivals . . . 

(ASTRA, Hong Kong, LIMA, Spielwarenmesse, TA and More)

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association unveiled its 2021 Best Toys for Kids award winners. The list includes 10 winning toys in 10 categories. “ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids award program reflects the collective expertise of hundreds of toy retailers who know toys inside out,” said Sue Warfield, president of ASTRA. “The list of winners represents the best of the fun, top-quality, high play value products consumers can...

Publisher members of the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) have overwhelmingly voted in favor of relinquishing their control of the organization, ceding it to a board with equal representation for publishers, wholesalers, retailers, creators, media & events, and production.   The portion of the new bylaws containing the provisions for expanding the membership received 91% approval by the voting members.  

(the above posted after July 1st)

TAGIEs Opens Nominations with Two New Categories! People of Play (POP) is adding two new categories to the TAGIEs — which is returning for its 14th year — to showcase the Most Innovative Licensed Product and industry Game Changers. Now entering its fourteenth year, the TAGIE Awards, presented by People of Play (POP), will once again honor top innovators, designers, and marketers in the toy and game industry. Each year, the TAGIEs bring together professionals, aspirants, and fans from over 150 countries comprise the play industry.  POP is adding two categories to the awards this year — Most Innovative Licensed Product and Game Changers. The Game Changers award will recognize those who changed the game of play in 2020, a year that required the industry to adapt and shift.

New Executive Board at Spielwarenmesse eG: Florian Hess, Jens Pflüger and Christian Ulrich start on 1 July. All 3 Executive Board Members have gathered many years' experience at the company, having been involved in important decision-making processes along the way. Looking to the future, they intend to continue building and expanding the events organised by Spielwarenmesse eG – especially the world-leading...

The first edition of ToyCon Chile will be held on July 24 as the only day. The fair, which will be totally virtual, aims to be the largest toy event of 2021 in Chilean territory. Its purpose is to bring the various businesses in the sector closer to the final consumer who will be able to make their purchases through the live shopping platform, Kuick.  The event will be full of discounts and special offers from different specialized stores...

Kind + Jugend set to re-start the baby and toddler product industry with a 'Special Edition' featuring around 250 German and European exhibitors and enhanced by digital elements, will take place from 9th-11th September 2021.. Centred around a focused industry event, to be staged in a Covid-secure manner in Hall 10 of the Cologne fair grounds, the trade fair will platform the latest product and trend inspiration...

Asmodee research group Game in Lab launches virtual summit for board game development and inclusivity. Called GENeration Analog, the event will feature over 30 panelists and three keynotes discussing how the evolution of societal attitudes around tabletop RPGs can have broad impacts that last for generations. The free virtual conference will aim to bridge the theory and practice in the hobby games industry...

Funko announces fan convention FunKon 2021. The three day FunKon event in August promises exclusive product reveals, celebrity appearances, a Loungefly fashion show and more. Following the success of recent virtual events like Funko Fair, FunKon will take place in person at Funko’s 40,000-square foot Hollywood store, beginning on 4th August and spanning three days. 

7 licensing industry executives are joining the Licensing International Board of Directors for three-year-terms, effective July 1. The trade organization has elected Dean Allen, Veronica Hart, Steven Heller, Holly Rawlinson, Milin Shah, Malaika Underwood, and Maarten Weck to serve on its board. “I’m pleased to welcome the seven new members of our Board, whose invaluable and diverse experiences will help Licensing... 

Pamela Mastrota Named Toy Foundation Exec Director. The Toy Foundation Board of Trustees and The Toy Association announced that Pamela Mastrota has joined The Toy Foundation (TTF) as executive director, effective immediately. TTF is a 501(c)3 children’s charity that operates under the umbrella of the Toy Association, with the mission of providing philanthropic support and play to children and families under stress...

Hornby, LEGO, Playmobil and Zuru make Licensing International Excellence Awards short list. Hornby Hobbies, LEGO, Playmobil, and Zuru have joined a list of major global toy brands in the running for industry recognition at the 2021 Licensing International Excellence Awards taking place in August. Items such as Hornby’s The Beatles Eurostar Yellow submarine Model Train Set or LEGO’s Andy Warhol LEGO Art Edition...

Nearly a year after taking the reins as interim president, Sue Warfield has been named president of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA). The move comes ahead of ASTRA’s upcoming Marketplace & Academy, the specialty toy community’s much-anticipated return to live events. Warfield stepped into the interim role last September and helped guide ASTRA through the height of the pandemic.

First ever Lego Con hailed a success.  Lego fans all over the world experienced the first ever Lego Con digital event on Saturday, packed with exclusive news and unique action. Emma Perkins, senior director at The Lego Agency, said: “We established Lego Con as a unique way to bring fans of all ages and interests together for one incredible and inspiring day of Lego fun. 

Game writer Sam Maggs is your host for the 2021 Game Developers Choice Awards. We’re just a couple of weeks away from the 2021 Game Developers Choice Awards—and it’s now time to announce our host for this year’s event! We’re pleased to introduce author and games writer Sam Maggs as our host for this year’s show. Maggs is a bestselling author of books, comics, and video games, with credits on Marvel’s Spider-Man,...

SCORE Banner ad.jpg

RIP - Rest in Play - Remembering Those that have Passed . . . If you know of a colleague's passing, please send us information so we may share with our colleagues. Archives can be found HERE.

Willi Zapf The Zapf Creation team has shared the news that its former owner Willi Zapf passed away on 30th June at the age of 83. In 1958, Willi and Brigitte Zapf took over the management of the Max Zapf doll factory. Under the new name of Zapf Puppen-und Spielwarenfabrik, Willi and Brigitte Zapf launched Baby born in 1991. He sold the company in 1992, but continued to lead it through success, growth, and innovation, until his retirement in 1997. With passion and determination, he led the company to become one of the leading manufacturers of play and functional dolls, and Baby born grew into one of the best-selling products the doll sector has ever seen.” Andrew Laughton, who headed up Zapf UK for many years, told Toy World: “Willi was a true gentleman. I would not have even entered the toy industry without his support and belief. A good friend of my father, together they built the Max Zapf business in the UK until he sold it over 20 years ago. I’ll be forever grateful to Willi and the entire Zapf family for their friendship and the opportunity they gave my family. His son Stefan still works at Zapf, heading up IT, so the family connection to the brand still remains. It’s poignant that 2021 is the 30th anniversary of Baby born – the brand transformed the large doll business worldwide, and it was Willi who saw the concept and believed in it from the start.”

Ora Coster - We lost one of the greats this week -  Ora Coster. She and her husband Theo were the brilliant leaders of Theora Design. They were celebrities in the inventing world and dear friends of mine. Pictured here are Ora and Theo with their sons Boaz and Gideon at the TAGIEs in 2012, receiving the award for Lifetime Achievement. Our hearts are heavy, but we are richer for knowing Ora and all the wonderful playthings she left behind. I am gathering stories, memories and tributes to Ora (and Theo) for a story. Please send me yours to

Andrew Hackard - Line Editor of the Munchkin game line for the past 12+ years, and freelance editor who edited several of Wil Wheaton’s books, among other projects, passed away on June 17 from brain cancer.  He was 50 years old.  Hackard also worked as a freelance editor, editing several of actor Wil Wheaton’s books, and had a previous four-year stint at Steve Jackson as an editor and Managing Editor. In his role as Munchkin line editor, Hackard developed many of the Munchkin line extensions, including licensed versions.  

Michael NunnMichael was the third generation of the family to run the well-known Redgates store in Sheffield and chairman of White Rose Toys buying group. Toy World is sad to report that Michael Nunn has passed away peacefully, aged 93 . Michael was the third generation of the family to run the well-known Redgates store in Sheffield. Edwin Redgate opened the first store in Fargate in 1857, selling furs and sewing machines. From 1890 onwards ,Redgates sold fur pram covers and around this time, the first wheeled toys were introduced. The reputation of Redgates grew rapidly in the 1960s, when it became known in the trade as one of the best toy shops outside of London, often referred to as “the Hamleys of the North.” Michael worked in the business from 1948 to 1986, and was a key figure in the store’s move to its most-remembered location at Furnival Gate in the mid-1970s. In 1975, Redgates reached a milestone £1m turnover, which was a significant achievement at the time.

Having celebrated the company’s 125th birthday in 1982, Michael sold the business several years later to Zodiac Toys, which continued to run it for two years before it finally closed.  During his career, Michael travelled frequently to Nuremberg, where he originally met doll manufacturer Hans Gotz and started the agency agreement which still lasts to this day. The business has been run for many years by Michael’s son Antony, who married Hans’ daughter Silke Gotz. Michael’s grandson Patrick also works in the toy business, carrying on the family tradition.

Michael was chairman of White Rose Toys, a buying group consisting of 19 retailers which eventually became one of the founding cornerstones of Toymaster. He was also an active member of the Fence Club.



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aNb Media (US)

  1. Melissa & Doug Debuts Nickelodeon Show-Inspired Toys

  2. ASTRA Appoints Sue Warfield as President

  3. Spin Master's Aerobie Unveils Sonic Fin Football

  4. TAGIEs Opens Nominations With Two New Categories

  5. Care Bears Premiere Care-A-Lot Club YouTube Series

  6. Licensing International Announces New Board Members

  7. ViacomCBS Consumer Products Promotes Three Execs

  8. PunkinFutz Unveils Sesame Street Product Line

  9. Pamela Mastrota Named Toy Foundation Exec Director

  10. Sesame Street Taps Sony for Licensing in Japan

ToyWorld (UK)

  1. Coming to terms …it’s the Friday Blog!

  2. The July edition of Toy World is out now

  3. All UK Disney stores except flagship rumoured to be closing

  4. Sky-high shipping rates and container shortages now affecting India

  5. First Lego con hailed a success

  6. Smyths partners with Mattel for new Shop Your Way advert

  7. Tomy launches Maché Magic as it expands arts & crafts range for 2021

  8. Melissa & Doug and Nickelodeon partnership sees new lines launch

  9. Hasbro and Universal unveil Transformers X Jurassic Park collaboration

  10. Character Options unveils new fashion doll line, Glo-Up Girls

ICv2: The Business of Geek Culture's (US)

Wizards of the Coast Announces a Price Increase on 'Magic: The Gathering' Prerelease Packs
Amazon, Asmodee Sue Game Counterfeiters
TCGplayer Raises Another $35 Million
Czech Games Edition Unveils 'Lost Ruins of Arnak' Expansion
Let the Wookies Win in 'Star Wars: Legion'
Brotherwise Games Offers Up 'The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged' Retailer Bundle
WizKids Unveils a New 'Pathfinder Battles' Miniatures Set
Five New Dune Games from Four Publishers Follow 42-Year History
Fans Can Join 'Pokemon's' Anniversary with 'Celebrations' Range
Modiphius Announces Two 'Conan' RPG Books

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Phygital Games: Enhancing The Game Board Experience

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Panelists: Don Whiteford (CEO at Nomad Games), Tomas Rawlings (CEO, Game Designer, Auroch Digital Digital), Jeff Tidball (Chief Operating Officer, Atlas Games), 

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