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Summit Sessions

All sessions will be live on the hour in CT (Chicago) time. Recordings will be available for on-demand viewing after they have aired. 

Please refresh/reload this page before viewing to get latest information! 

Wednesday, 9:00am CT (Chicago)
Spin Master - The Beginning! The Stories! 

Moderator: Ben Dermer (SVP Creative Development, Deputy Creative Officer)

Panelists: Anton Rabie (Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Spin Master)  and

Ben Varadi (EVP, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer)

Wednesday, 10:00am CT (Chicago)

Importance of Films on the Toy Industry & Why Innovation Is So Important

Moderator: Karri Bean (Senior Licensing Manager, Lego, Disney Consumer Products)

Panelists: Rob Johnson (Senior Category Manager - Toys NBCUniversal Media), Chelsea Condon (Brand Manager, US Marketing, LEGO Systems, Inc.), Wolf Steingraeber (Senior Licensing Manager LEGO and Video Games, Disney EMEA), Mason Fiske (Toy and Game Jedi Master, Lucasfilm)

Wednesday, 11:00am CT (Chicago)

Digital-Play in a Post Pandemic World - Sponsored by PlayTable
Moderators: Robin Raskin (Living in Digital Times)

Panelists: Brent Bushnell (President, Two-bit Circus), David Kleiman (SVP, Global Trends Dubit), Phil Sage (Senior Director: Product Development, Design & Inventor Relations, Hasbro), Joe Scott (Chief Business Officer @ Blok Party, Ian Bernstein (Co-Founder, Misty Robotics)

Wednesday, 12:00 noon CT (Chicago) 

Partnerships with Fast Food and More!

Moderator: Lisa Wuennemann (Master Marketing Monster, PlayMonster)

Panelists: Tracy Dudkiewicz (President, TAP Marketing), Hayley Woodward (Head Of Global Marketing, Rubik's Brand), Michael Edelstein (VP, Director Brand Partnerships, The Marketing Store),

Jill Collins (Licensing, Promotions and Retail Partnerships, Licensing Works),

Nathan Measom (Manager of Corporate & Influencer Partnerships, Best Friends Animal Society)

Wednesday, 1:00pm CT (Chicago) 

Celebrities and Twitch Streaming for Tabletop Games 

Moderator: Ross Thompson (Marketing Manager, The Op)

Panelists: Xander Michael Jeanneret (Voice Actor), Anjali Bhimani (Actress),

Matthew Lillard (Actor), B Dave Walters (Author)

Wednesday, 2:00pm CT (Chicago)

The Growth of Hobby Games and Fandom

Moderator: Tony Serebriany (Director of Inventor Relations & International Sales The Op)

Panelists: Keisha Howard (Founder, SugarGames), Daryl Andrews (Co-Founder, Evergreen Board Game Studio), Elisa Teague (Senior Producer Advisor, Renegade Game Studios),

Pat Marino (Game Design Manager, The Op),

Deirdre Cross (Director, Product Development, Funko Games, Prospero Hall)

Wednesday, 3:00pm CT (Chicago)

Phygital Games: Enhancing The Game Board Experience

Sponsored by The Last Game Board

Moderator: Lee Allentuck (Principal, RN Branding & Licensing)

Panelists: Don Whiteford (CEO at Nomad Games), Tomas Rawlings (CEO, Game Designer, Auroch Digital Digital), Jeff Tidball (Chief Operating Officer, Atlas Games), 

Shail Mehta (CEO and Co-Fonder, The Last Gameboard) 



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