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NEW! - Visit our Baby and Toddler PlaySpace at the Fair!  

We were all born to play! Play shapes our development and helps build healthy brain architecture. It teaches us empathy, creativity and trust. It builds our dexterity, physical, cognitive and emotional strength. It connects us through joy and positive emotion. Come visit the new ChiTAG Baby & Toddler PlaySpace and explore play in the earliest years of life. 

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Baby Paper. Because Babies Love to Play with Paper!

Magicube Geomag - LOGO.png

Magicubes is the innovative construction system developed for young children features magnetic cubes that attach to one another on all six sides. By using the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, little ones are able to create different shapes, color combinations and even 3D structures! Ages 1–5”

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Potty Duck is a fun water toy that helps prepare a child for potty training. The child friendly duck fills and pees into a toy toilet that attaches to the side of a tub or sink.  Parents teach the potty training words while children learn what to expect.

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Mindware BabuStacker_B_180820.jpg

babu, a new early learning line from MindWare, is modern twist on toy blocks that delivers pure and simple creative play options for kids 6 months and older. This beautiful rainbow collection is a tactile, timeless addition to wooden toys.

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Inspired by caressing a baby with a feather, Yoee Baby makes it fun and easy to play together from Day One. Babies love the touch of the soft feather-like tail that can be used to stimulate baby’s senses, tickle, caress or calm and soothe when they’re fussy. 

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Soft. Safe. Fun! Rubbabu toys have a squishy fuzzy texture that children love to explore and play with. The soft natural material makes this a safe, durable and fun toy that grows with baby from 3 months to 5 years. Special needs appropriate. 


Bilderhoos is big, brilliantly designed wooden shapes that are optimally configured for little builders with expansive/expanding minds.  Infinitely expandable and reconfigurable without tools. 

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