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Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in uniform as well as their leaders have always been welcomed to our Fair as our guests! 

Both the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts will have booths to visit at the Fair! 

There are many activities at Fair,

here are a few stand-outs for Scouts! 


Young Inventor Challenge - showcase original toy & game inventions to toy & game industry professionals, members of media and the general public and ignite their imagination, creativity and presentation skills!

There are badge opps associated with this event! 

Ravensburger logo.jpg

GraviTrax -  Design and build marble race-tracks during the Ravensburger GraviTrax event! There will be a competition for building a track that keeps the marble running for the longest period of time. The first and second place winners will be awarded amazing Ravensburger GraviTrax prizes! Sign up now for your place to join in on the fun! 

Scouts stopping by the Ravensburger booth and taking the Gravitrax challenge all receive a patch! 

PlayMonster Logo June 2018 new one mid s

Stratego Tournament  - Hosted by PlayMonster & NASF. Young and old, starters and experienced players, everyone will meet opponents of a sort of similar level. There will be fun, exciting games, and the chance to reach eternal fame. 

FuzzyLogic Escape Room logo.png
Fuzzy Logic.jpg

Calling all Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts! Play the Puzzle Box activity at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room at booth 521 for a chance to win a free birthday party package at Fuzzy Logic! The team with at least one scout who can solve the challenges the quickest will get a fully complimentary 2-hr party room rental with the purchase of an escape room ticket (over $100 value!).

Princess Etch IG photo.jpg
how to draw on an Etch A Sketch.png
Jane teaching sample.jpg

Meet Princess Etch in the Girl Scout Booth #211! Learn how to draw on a Etch-A-Sketch! 

Etch A Sketch transparency on screen.jpg
brainy ball.jpg

Brainy Ball Game is sponsoring a Brainy Ball Game Challenge both Saturday and Sunday at 2pm at the Brainy Ball Game table. All players will receive a "Prize" and winners will receive a "Gift Card" worth $50 dollars

Brainy Ball is a hilarious fast paced game that challenges players to do two things at the same time – move and think! Pass the Brainy Ball around while answering questions to a selected category, but don’t get stuck with it when the timer goes off! 

Wing It box.jpg

Stop by the Flying Leap Games booth this Sunday every hour on the hour (booth 311) to engage in some friendly competition playing Wing It as you figure out the best way to... escape carnivorous rabbits; appease a bloodthirsty crowd during the French Revolution as a guillotine repairman; or deal with dozens of other crazy situations using only the random resources you are given. How can 500 ripe avocados, a pound of leg hair, a magic flying dishtowel, a 12th century catapault, and a mule that won’t make eye contact with strangers help you escape carnivorous rabbits?! Winners get prizes. Bring friends along and play the game that’s been played live on stage in NY with comedians!

Watch this page for more

Scout activations at the Fair! 

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