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Nominations now open for 2016 Toy & Game Innovation Awards

Media Contact: Scott Goldberg Nominations now open for 2016 Toy & Game Innovation Awards Nominations for the 9th Annual Toy & Game Innovation Awards are open to Industry Professionals through September 1st CHICAGO, Ill. (Aug. 18) – Nominations are now open for the 2016 Toy & Game Innovation Awards (TAGIEs), an elegant and playful annual gala event during Chicago Toy & Game Week that celebrates the outstanding achievements of inventors, designers and industry leaders. Through September 1, 2016, toy and gaming industry professionals may submit nominations online at The ninth annual TAGIEs will once again honor the masters of toy and game inno

A Few Questions for Penny Milliken CEO of HeR Interactive

Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? I got into the industry as a result of all the entertainment properties that I worked on at Disney. They were always driven by content, and toys and games were part of the content to make them great franchises. When I started serving on the board of HeR Interactive, I became much more involved in the game development side and found that the growth in the games industry was continuing to accelerate. Today, it is as strong as film and television. I am happy to be a part of it with HeR Interactive. HeR Interactive was a pioneer in 1998 when it began developing and publishing Nancy Drew interactive games for females. At that time, PC games

The Business of Inventing Toys with Kids

I asked some kids to think up something new for an oven that has nothing to do with regular baking and cooking… Some of the answers I received were: “The oven could walk across the room and give you your dinner.” “It could have transformer arms that could open the oven door and take the food out when it was done.” Completely magical. Completely inventive. Children aren’t constrained by the same reality that professional designers and inventors are. They don’t think about cost, manufacturability, or even the laws of physics. This is what makes them so interesting, creative, and one of the most important keys to my business. My husband is my business partner and together we own Gigglicious, a

Inside tips for young inventors from one of the world’s top toy and game inventors

NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP IN THE FACE OF A CHALLENGE." - BRUCE LUND This summer, we had a chance to catch up with Bruce Lund of Lund & Company, who has been dreaming up hundreds of new inventions every year for over three decades. Bruce tells us how he first got started, shares tales of success (and one royal mess), and outlines 4 qualities every great toy inventor should have. HOW DID YOU FIRST GET STARTED AS A TOY INVENTOR? Try as I might, I couldn’t get a job as an industrial designer after graduating from Duke with a BS in Biology and from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a masters in design. Someone suggested to me that I try at Marvin Glass & Associates, the famed Chicago toy-inven

How Board Games are Helping Solve the Autism Puzzle

“Eli cheated at Chutes and Ladders today!”, my son’s teacher proudly announced one day at school pick-up. I smiled, thrilled that he had reached this long-awaited milestone. You see, Eli is autistic, so he doesn’t have the sense of competition that comes so naturally to most kids. He doesn’t understand the value in beating someone at a game simply for the joy of winning. In Eli’s black and white world, there needs to be a tangible reward for everything. For example, when Eli finally took the training wheels off of his bike, he did it in exchange for a marshmallow; not for the social standing of being a big kid or the satisfaction of riding faster than someone else. He needed payment. Somethi

Specialty versus Mass Market Package Design

Want to design a successful package? Well, there are some important factors you’ll always need to consider: What makes a package “mass market” versus “specialty retail”? How much and what copy should be on the front as opposed to the back of a package? How do you determine package sizing for a retail planogram? What are some common mistakes to avoid when designing a package? ...If you can figure these things out, you’re golden. The tricky thing is, that some of these questions are a moving target. What does make a package “mass market” versus specialty retail”? The simplest way to answer that is to understand the difference between a “mass market” retailer’s approach to selling an item versus

Mikkel Bertelsen Inventor of Klask

Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? A little by accident to be honest. I have always been the restless type and wanted to be creative with my hands. So one day after work sitting at home tired after work I started playing around with some cardboard boxes and some magnets. I really just wanted to do something that me, my wife and my two kids could play together and share as a family. The result was KLASK and after showing the games to some friends from work - I was working as a carpenter at the time, so we usually had a after hours drink and shared some laughs after work - I decided to contact Tuborg, one of Denmarks biggest breweries. They loved it, placed a big order - a

Brady Peterson - Inventor of Otrio and More!

Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? It actually started over a decade ago while in graduate school at Northwestern. I had a class in entrepreneurship in which we needed to come up with a product idea, and then develop business and marketing plans to support the product’s launch. Always having been a fan of magnets growing up, I ended up thinking of a magnetic toy concept which involved a quick release mechanism. Although I ended up dropping that particular class due to my full time job workload, I continued to tinker on the idea for many years on and off until I finally came up w/ a decent working prototype. I ended up pitching it to Mindware during a meeting I had set up

Julien Sharp Founder of Funnybone Toys

Julien Sharp, Founder, Funnybone Toys Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry? I spent my early adult life as a Cruise Director and entertainer on ships all around the world. I learned to love games because if the weather was bad on a day spent at sea, games were vital in making sure people had a good time on board. We used not only “mainstream” games but we also got really good at making up games. I really honed this skill on one particular cruise – it was a 60-day South America cruise, with over 40 days at sea! And – the ship was a new one, and had very low stock of games in the library, and no place to get them in the (Spanish-speaking) ports we were visiting. So….. my team

Ishkabibbles - Just for Fun!  

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