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MARCH 1-5, 2021

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MONDAY, MARCH 1, 2021 - Times = CT (Chicago)

Inventors: Pro, New and Student

Adam B. Hocherman

VP of New Business


Tim Walsh

Co-Founder, Roo Games; Founder, The Playmakers

Leila Nosrati


Master Toy Advisors

Tanya Thompson

Director Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations for Gaming, Hasbro

David Winter

Head of New Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations, Jazwares

Recorded Panels on Demand:

Legal Trends: TBA!

Pitch like a Pro to Manufacturers and Retailers - Tim Walsh (Roo Games) moderates with panelists Tanya Thompson (Hasbro), Adam Hockerman (PlayMonster), Leila Nosrati (Master Toy Advisors), David Winter (Jazwares), Gillian Ruan (Mattel) - Top November Panel Re-Release 


Q&A Sessions in Zoom Rooms (12pm and 4pm):

Adam Hocherman (PlayMonster) at 12pm, Leila Nosrati(Master Toy Advisors) at 12pm and 4pmTim Walsh (Roo Games, The Playmakers) at 12pm and 4pm,  David Winter (Jazwares) and Tanya Thompson (Hasbro) at 4pm.  

New Inventor Also Receive: Elevator pitch to acquisition executives, 30-minute individual mentor session, Pitch Perfect Guide

Rebecca Bleau & Nicholas Cravotta


Bluematter Games

4pm Live Zoom Just for Pro Inventors: Rebecca Bleau & Nicholas Cravotta, Co-Founders, Bluematter Games: Professional Inventors Share Tips, Tools and Studios - everyone on the zoom call is welcome to share tours of their studios, their tools and their tricks! 

TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 2021 - Times = CT (Chicago)

PR, Marketers, Influencers and Media

Tracy Dudkiewicz


TAP Marketing

Erin O’Connor 

Co-Founder at Rigor by Scientific Mommy

Professor of Early Childhood Edu, NYU

Robin Neuhaus

Co-Founder at Rigor by Scientific Mommy

Professor of Early Childhood Edu, NYU

Recorded Panels on Demand:

Building a PR & Marketing Plan: Tracy Dudkiewicz, TAP Marketing - NEW!

Public Relations Has Changed! - Sponsored by Litzky PR - Lisa Guili (Educational Insights) moderates with panelists Clark Nesselrodt (Brilliant PR), Josslynne Welch (Litzy PR), Rachel Griffin (Playwise), Amy Friedland (Freeman PR), David Barkoe  (Carve Communications) - Top November Panel Re-Release

COVID-19 and Play: Trending Topics in Child Development Research - Erin O'Connor and Robin Neuhaus (Co-Founders of Scientific Mommy)


Q&A Sessions in Zoom Rooms (12pm and 4pm):

Tracy Dudkiewicz, TAP Marketing

More TBA

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 2021 - Times = CT (Chicago)

Retailers, Distributors and Reps

 Richard Derr

President, Learning Express Lake Zurich

Steve Starobinsky

Founder, Kid@Heart 

Recorded Panels on Demand:

Specialty Retail in 2021: Richard Derr, President, Learning Express Lake Zurich - NEW!

Retail & Distribution Trends: Steve Starobinsky, Founder, Kid@Heart - NEW!

Leading Innovation at Specialty Retail - Willie Wilkov HABA moderates and panelists Richard Derr (Learning Express), Betty Skoke Burns (Angelina's Toy Boutique), Amy Saldanha (Kiddywampus), Sarah Jordan (Mastermind) - Top November Panel; Re-Release

More TBA


Q&A Sessions in Zoom Rooms (12pm and 4pm):

Richard Derr, President, Learning Express Lake Zurich

Steve Starobinsky, Founder, Kid@Heart

THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 2021 - Times = CT (Chicago)

Suppliers (Logistics, Printers, Toy Testing, etc.)

Christopher Tidwell



Fred Jordan

Sr Director of N.A. Design and Development 


Matt Nuccio


Design Edge

Gene Murtha​​

Mattel, Gund

SCORE Association

Bob Witkin​​

Vice President

York-Jersey Underwriters

Gary Rudell​​


Total Biz Fulfillment

Joe Ferrara​​

Director International

Aries Global Logistics

Recorded Panels on Demand:

Packaging Design Basics and Trends: Matt Nuccio (Design Edge) - NEW!

Counterfeits, Copycats and Infringers - Christopher Tidwell and Fred Jordan from Magformers - NEW!

Design Trends – Products and Packaging - Matt Nuccio (Design Edge), Chris Down (Mattel), Jesse Falcon (Marvel), Fred Jordan (Magformers), Dawn Patmon (Hasbro), Michael Sala (Spin Master) - Top November Panel; Re-Release

The Basics! Insurance, Warehousing, Logistics & Fulfillment and More! Gene Murtha (Mattel, Gund, SCORE), Bob Witkin (York-Jersey Underwriters, Gary Ruddell (Total Biz Fulfillment), Joe Ferrara (Aries Global Logistics) - NEW!


Q&A Sessions in Zoom Rooms (12pm and 4pm):

Matt Nuccio, President, Design Edge

More TBA

FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2021 - Times = CT (Chicago)

Licensors and Industry Overview

Steph Wissink

Managing Director,

Consumer Research, Jefferies

Gerrick Johnson


BMO Capital Markets

Reyne Rice

CEO/ Global Trend Hunter, ToyTrends and Co-President ITMA (Int'l Toy Trade Magazine Asso.)

John Baulch

Publisher, Toy World Magazine (UK)

Rebecca Ash​

Editorial Director

Total Licensing

Armando Carreteros


Nación Juguetes

Recorded Panels on Demand:

Toy Trend Perspectives from Wall Street: Steph Wissink, Managing Director, Consumer Research, Jefferies and Gerrick Johnson, Director, BMO Capital Markets  - NEW!

State of the Worldwide Toy Industry Q1: Reyne Rice (ToyTrends). John Baulch (Toy World). Jacqueline Vong (Playology), Rebecca Ash (Total Licensing), Armando Carreteros (Nación Juguetes)

More TBA! 


Q&A Sessions in Zoom Rooms (12pm and 4pm):

Steph Wissink, Managing Director, Consumer Research, Jefferies  and Gerrick Johnson, Director, BMO Capital Markets

More TBA! 

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