Product Launch Checklist: 10 Tips for a Kickass Sales

Congratulations! You’ve got your product delivered safely from the factory and you’ve sold some to friends and family. Perhaps online orders are starting to trickle in on your website. So, are you ready to sell your new toy or game to retail stores? Then you’re going to need a kickass sales sheet to help you get your product out there!

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drop a huge chunk of money on a thousand copies from a high-priced print shop. Many a new startup company has wasted precious cash hiring a slick, expensive graphic design and print service, only to wind up with a sales sheet that is missing critical information needed to compel retailers to try the product.

Consider Doing it Yourself to Start

A DIY sales sheet, created using a desktop publishing program, can be printed on quality paper with a decent color printer in your office or at a place like FedEx Kinkos or Staples. Print them in smaller quantities, as needed, in the beginning. This strategy can be more effective than a pricey, professionally printed flyer to start out - if the right information is included.

And here’s why: if you do it yourself, you have the