Nick Metzler

September 18, 2018

Nominated for Hail Hydra



Nick got his start in the industry 8 years ago as a contestant in ChiTAG’s Young Inventor Challenge. At 16 years old he won; following it up the next year with a second win with Squashed, his first game on the market. After brief stints working on Survivor and creating games in multiple mediums he landed at Spin Master. He quickly designed 14 games that went to market and managed 4 more, creating and sustaining an entirely new sector in Spin Games, the hobby market. He is actively working on multiple concepts which hit market Nov 2018, Dec 2018, and beyond.



Geizi Guevara

McCown Design Agency

Spin Master Games Team


Products from the past year:

Battle of the Sexes

The Dog Game

Killer Party Kiss of Death

Killer Party Bone Appetit

Killer Party Fangs For the Memories

Rusty Rivets Quick Bits Path Game

produced: 5-Minute Marvel, Santorini Golden Fleece Expansion Pack