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Art, Joe & Jim Seymour

Nominated for Circuit Blox, Power Blox and Story Blox


Art Seymour studied electrical engineering at Christian Brothers University and earned his master’s degree at IIT. Art started his career in the color TV business at Motorola and Zenith, then founded Elenco Electronics where, as President for 44 years, he built it to a $30 million company, including being the patent author for Snap CircuitsTM. Joe Seymour earned a B.S. Computer Information Systems degree at Purdue University, then worked alongside Art for 21 years as VP and Director of IT for Elenco Electronics, Inc., where he was responsible for the strategic direction of the company's information technology infrastructure and operations, and e-commerce initiatives. Jim Seymour earned his BSEE, MSEE and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from Purdue University. Jim spent 22 years in the wireless industry working for AT&T, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco, and was awarded the Bell Labs fellowship in 2006, before joining Art & Joe at Elenco Electronics as VP and Director of new technology. Art, Joe and Jim founded E-Blox in 2016 with the vision to revolutionalize the construction toy industry with the next generation of educational toys that teach the fundamentals of STEM, STEAM and STREAM through electronics.


Brian Johnson

Mark Ditzig

Jenny Seymour

Marsha Seymour

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