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Marissa Louie

Nominated for Animoodles: Iris Unicorn, Hazel Sloth, Randy Orangutan, Brady Lion, Miguel Frog, Sophie Elephant


Marissa Louie is the CEO and Chief Designer at Animoodles, the original magnetic mix and make stuffed animals. A former designer at Apple, Marissa collaborated with veteran artists from Disney and Pixar to develop Animoodles. It began with a childhood dream— Marissa saw the need for stuffed animals that inspire creativity in children. She later identified that stuffed animals could have an interactive mix-and-make play pattern if they had strong magnets inside each of their cuddly parts. Animoodles became the #1 classic toy on Kickstarter in 2017, and now inspires creativity in children around the world.


Daniel Holland, Chief Artist

Nak Yong Choi, Story Director and Artist

Liam Rinat, Artist

Kevin Kidney, Artist

Corey Reese, COO

Caren Shalek, Advisor

Jeff Lewis, Advisor

Products from the past year:

Animoodles Iris Unicorn

Animoodles Hazel Sloth

Animoodles Randy Orangutan

Animoodles Brady Lion

Animoodles Miguel Frog

Animoodles Sophie Elephant

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