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Blue Orange Games: Hot Games for a Cool Planet - tBR Company of the Week

Blue Orange Games is a celebrated publisher of family centered tabletop games since 2000, earning a reputation for creating high quality, award-winning products. We want our games to be enjoyed by families for years to come, so every Blue Orange Game must be easy to learn, fun to play, and engaging for a wide range of ages. Over the last 20 years, Blue Orange Games has sold millions of award winning games all over the globe and our products can be found in over 60 countries. We are proud to help families and friends create timeless memories around great games as we continue to innovate and expand our range.

Our great success in tabletop games and our special partnerships with retailers around the country inspired us to extend our reach into other game lines. A few years ago we put a twist on traditional outdoor games with Djubi; the ultimate game of catch that allows players to send the ball sailing over 100 feet! This year we are adding Clydo, a patented light up foam football that can be seen up to 100 feet in the dark, to our sports line. Clydo is made with high quality materials and designed to play anywhere at any time, the holes make the football easier to catch. These games are perfect for sport enthusiasts and catch aficionados to up their game!

(Clydo the light up football!)

We are excited to continue expanding our expertise beyond the world of board games with our upcoming release, Loopy Looper, an exciting skill fidget that we are launching under the Blue Orange Toys brand. The Loopy Looper range is the brainchild of Thierry Denoual, founder of Blue Orange Games and creator of modern classic board games such as Gobblet Gobblers and Pengoloo. Thierry is a fidgeter and was looking for something he could use to take breaks at his desk as well as quietly fidget with while working. After playing around with a marble and tin, the idea for the Loopy Looper was born.

(Blue Orange Games Founder Thierry Denoual with the Loopy Looper)

In 2021 we are expecting to see a renewal in interest for the fidget category and are excited to make our mark with Loopy Looper. The Loopy Looper is ideal for fidgeters of all ages and comes in a simple, sleek design with a soft shell metal ball that is spun inside. While the design itself is simple, the Loopy Looper requires a little skill to get the ball spinning and comes in a variety of colors and designs which each provide their own unique spinning experience. There are 4 designs in the Loopy Looper collection which each provide their own unique spinning experience: Flow, Jump, Edge and Hoop.

(Martin Marechal, C.E.O at Blue Orange Games U.S.A, playing with his daughter - sweet!)

In this new year we are looking towards the future with an eye for constant innovation, and as always we are dedicated to our mission of bringing Hot Games to a Cool Planet.

(Note from editor: Blue Orange Games won the 2020 TAGIE Award for Most Innovative Supplier. Here is Martin accepting the award - so fun fun!)


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