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Raising Nerd's Interview with Steve, YIC Winner and ABC's ToyBox Contestant!

With an active schedule of school, athletics, music and stage acting, Steven somehow still managed to find time to invent this new form of paint ball that uses simple science to avoid the pain that is felt when hit by a traditional paint ball capsule. So, with his prototype and research in hand, he entered the Chicago Toy & Game (ChiTag) Young Inventor’s Challenge, a program sponsored by industry professionals that encourages children, ages 6 to 18, to showcase their own original toy & game inventions. His idea was so good that it took home top prize in the Senior Inventor’s Category (ages 12-18) and has since launched his inventor career.

And what’s next for this budding inventor?

Well, he and his father, Larry, will be appearing on the April 28th episode of ABC’s The Toy Box, a new reality show about inventing the next big toy.

Read more of Raising Nerd's Interview HERE!

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