Matt Nuccio - The Whole Package

It is amazing how many times a new client will approach me with a beautifully designed box that they paid a bundle for, and want it redesigned. They’ll walk up to me and show me an elegant, sophisticated layout that is astonishing to look at. I’ll scratch my head and think, “This is amazing.” I don’t feel right changing it up. Usually I’ll inquire, “What’s the deal?” Why are you looking to redesign this? The most common answer, Wal-mart won’t touch it.

This is where my job really begins. Why would Wal-mart, or any of the big boys, neg a smart and bold layout? Why? For exactly that reason. The package is too sophisticated. They are selling to the common market, and want consumers to look and say, “wow.” They understand that a layout can pigeonhole a product into a much tighter demographic simply by being overdesigned. An understanding of the marketplace is the most powerful tool a designer can utilize. Before even hitting the ground, I really try to analyze the marketplace. I’ll go shopping and surf the internet.